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Sandusky Radio Seattle Keeps in Sync with Lucid GENx6-96

Sandusky Radio Seattle (SRS) relies on Lucid GENx6-96 word/super clock generators to synchronize its five major-market radio stations serving the Pacific Northwest: KWJZ 98.9, KQMV 92.5, KRWM 106.9, KIXI 880 and KKNW 1150.

“This is a 100-percent digital system, with three FM stations that are also HD radio, and we’re demons for great audio quality,” says George Bisso, director of engineering for SRS. “Because of the demands of satellite delivery where everything has to follow time to the second, we needed all of our systems to follow precise clocking to a 44.1 house standard. Lucid delivers on that precision, with a surprising level of flexibility.”

The GENx6-96 is capable of generating word clock or super clock at 44.1/48/88.2/96 kHz, with selectable external AES-11, word clock or super clock input, and is expandable.

“The performance of the Lucid systems has been unsurpassed since we put them in over a year ago—no breakdowns, no errors,” Bisso reports. “High-end radio broadcasters are getting more and more adept and have to treat their operations as if they were television stations. We’re pushing around a sync signal over 38,000 square-feet to 14 studios, and we have to ensure a perfectly smooth interaction between all the multiple points they present. With digital equipment, unless everything is synched correctly to a certain time code, things can be set off, creating jitter and unpleasant audio once you de-modulate it and bring it back to analog. These concerns simply have not been an issue from the time we implemented our Lucid install, which stands as one of the largest systems they’ve ever sold.”

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