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School of Sound to Present Symposium in London, April 15-18, 2009

The School of Sound (SOS) presents its eighth international symposium in London at the Southbank Centre, April 15–18, 2009. Featuring directors, sound designers, composers, editors and educators working at the highest levels of film, the arts and media, this unique event showcases the techniques and creative thinking that lie behind the most effective uses of sound and music in audio-visual productions.

The 2009 edition features presentations by three of world’s most creative producers of film sound: Pat Jackson, Steve Munro and Daniel Deshays. Other speakers include documentary filmmakers Kim Longinotto, Mike Grigsby and Gideon Koppel; Indian director Mani Kaul; composer and radio artist Hildegard Westerkamp; experimental filmmaker Phil Solomon; and Japanese sound artist Akio Suzuki.

The SOS has gained a worldwide reputation by raising the profile of creative screen-sound production. It now attracts an international audience of leading sound and music practitioners from more than 25 countries who are drawn to its distinctive program of master classes and presentations that combine art with entertainment, revealing the soundtrack from unexpected perspectives. SOS describes this event as “a truly international meeting—the only event of its kind in the world.”

The SOS, held since 1998, has become a noted forum for the discussion of sound in film, radio, theater,art and music. It has presented some of the foremost names in media and the arts, including Walter Murch, David Lynch, Dede Allen, Ren Klyce, Mike Figgis, Skip Lievsay, Carter Burwell, Ann Kroeber, Jim Webb, Tom Fleischman, Walter Newman, Tom Holman, Gabriel Yared, Richard Leacock, the Brothers Quay and Manfred Eicher.

For information and registration, contact Larry Sider or Diane Freeman at [email protected] or visit