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Signal Processing Hardware & Software

The AT-101 from Analogue Tube is a faithful re-creation of the original Fairchild 670 stereo limiter. The sturdy unit is handmade with Grayhill switches, Sowter transformers, Hovland caps

Analogue Tube AT-101 Stereo Limiter
The AT-101 from Analogue Tube is a faithful re-creation of the original Fairchild 670 stereo limiter. The sturdy unit is handmade with Grayhill switches, Sowter transformers, Hovland caps and a new-generation 6386 remote cut-off triode developed to replace the original 50-year-old tubes. Controls on each channel include input gain, AC threshold, DC threshold, 6-position time-constant switches and metering switches. Improvements on the original include a hinged front panel, stereo-link switch and a power supply mod with controlled heater voltage switch-on to help extend the life of critical tubes from power-ups.
AES Booth: 730
More information about the AT-101

AnaMod AM670 Limiter
The AM670 stereo limiter is a stereo three-rackspace unit based on the technology of Anamod’s successful AM660 500 Series compressor introduced last year. Both the AM660 and AM670 were created using the AnaMod™ Process. Precise mathematical models were created from the classic 1950s variable-mu 670 limiter. These models were used to synthesize the analog hardware of the AM670. Like the classic 1950s variable-mu 670 limiter, the AM670 duplicates the Lateral/Vertical (mid/side) modes of compression while adding a stereo-link function that was not present on the original 1950s vacuum tube unit. Price: $3,295.
AES Booth: 566

More information about the AM670

Audio Damage Eos Reverb
This simple and affordable plug-in from Audio Damage features three custom-designed reverb algorithms powered from a simple GUI (VST/AU; Mac/PC). Eos Reverb’s ($49) effects include a mono-in/stereo-out plate, true stereo plate and a stereo Superhall. Controls include modulation rate and depth, attack, diffusion, and full control over the EQ and multipliers of the reverb tail. Low CPU usage is promised, as compared to other plug-ins, including far-lower CPU use than the average convolution reverb.
More information about Eos

BIAS SoundSoap Pro 2
New version adds super-intelligent adaptive noise-reduction to pro audio restoration suite. Whether archiving from vinyl, transferring studio and live analog recordings, performing forensic audio analysis or battling a noisy recording environment, SoundSoap Pro scrubs away problems—leaving nothing behind but sparkling-clean results. Featuring four comprehensive restoration tools in a single plug-in—including new Adaptive technology for automated broadband noise removal—SoundSoap Pro offers advanced controls for removing unwanted hiss, room noise, electrical hum, rumble, clicks, crackles and broadband noise with minimal artifacts.
AES Booth: 140
More information about SoundSoap Pro 2

Brainworx bx_dynEQ
This mini-bundle of plug-ins (VST, RTAS, AU) contains bx_dynEQ mono, bx_dynEQ stereo, bx_dynEQ M/S and bx_boom! Promising a new and unique approach to dynamic EQ, bx_dynEQ includes a “crossfeed” M/S feature, allowing M and S signals to trigger each other, and an array of filter types, including a new bandpass, and Brainworx’s Bass Shift and Presence Shift filters. bx_boom! is a preset stripped down to only two parameters and an intuitive graphic design tool, enabling the user to attenuate or boost the impact of the bass drum sound in the final mix or in a stereo drum loop. Purchase (349 Euros) is Web-only from Brainworx’ Website.
More information about bx_dynEQ

Bricasti Design M7M Reverb Processor Mainframe
An exact duplicate of the M7 stereo reverb processor with reduced front panel controls, the M7M is intended to be used with the M10 remote console. The M7M and M10 will be made available bundled together in several configurations, as well as a stand-alone product for customers wishing to add more channels of M7 processing to their existing setup.
AES Booth: 260

CEDAR Audio Cambridge Series III
CEDAR Audio Ltd (UK) will be presenting a significant upgrade to its flagship CEDAR Cambridge Series III audio restoration and speech-enhancement system. This introduces new developments in audio processing, as well as new facilities that improve the speed of throughput and productivity. Exact details are confidential prior to the AES convention launch.
AES Booth: 461

CharterOak SCL-1 Compressor
CharterOak’s first venture into the processor market, the SCL-1 compressor promises to provide a constant output level regardless of input level or frequency without pumping $2,800. Features include attack time adjustable from 100 ms to 5ms, hold time of less than 2 ms, soft clip with less than 3-percent total harmonic distortion @ 3 dB, and clip and release time adjustable from 20 ms to 2 seconds. The SCL-1 includes a lifetime parts/labor warranty.
AES Booth: 661
More information on the SCL-1

Daking FET III Compressor
The TransAudio Group introduces the Daking FET III stereo compressor/limiter. In addition to an additional channel over the mono Daking II, the new model has variable highpass filters at the detector stage to customize the behavior of each limiter channel—ideal for fine-tuning limiter behavior on bass-heavy material. The Geoff Daking–designed unit can be used independently in dual-mono or linked for stereo operation via a continuously variable control for tying operation of each limiter channel together to a greater or lesser degree. Retail is less than $2,000.
AES Booth: 555
More information on the FET III

Dangerous Music BAX
Dangerous Music plunges into the signal processing arena with the BAX EQ. Built-in response to demand from a professional studio community on a search for unique sonic signatures, the result is pure emotive expression with audiophile accuracy. Features include stepped controls for repeatability and identical stereo tracking; broad-Q shelving with a Baxandall character; and high- and lowpass 12dB/octave Butterworth filters.
AES Booth: 563

elysia museq
The basic idea behind this discrete Class-A analog EQ is the combination of premium sound-shaping capabilities with optimally matched parameters that enable the user to find the desired results fast and precisely. The provided bands with their ample control ranges, as well as some elysia-specific special features, make sure that the museq can be used flexibly in any recording and mixing situation, and the stepped controllers are especially dedicated to mastering applications. Each of the two channels offers three parametric bands with a switchable Q. The additional outer bands are low/high-shelf designs that can be separately switched into a low/high-cut mode with an extra resonance peak as a special finesse.
AES Booth: 646

More information on museq

Eventide Eclipse Version 4
Version 4 software for Eclipse expands the number of effects from 90 to 113, and expands the number of presets from 390 to more than 500. Included are all effects and presets from Eventide’s best-selling TimeFactor and ModFactor stompboxes, as well as adds a new DynamicDistortion2™ algorithm that provides users four levels of distortion that is highly responsive to the input, allowing users to track directly to a recording device with convincing crunch, including feedback and EQ with variable Q for shaping the tone, without the extreme volume.
AES Booth: 225
More information on Eclipse

Inward Connections VC500
The 500 Series has a new member in the VC500 ($925) compressor from Inward Connections (dist. by Vintage King). The Steve Firlotte–designed unit features SPA690 all-discrete amp blocks; transformerless, differentially balanced input; and transformer-balanced output. Ratio control ranges from 2:1 to 30:1 to infinity, release control from 0.1 to 3 seconds, and threshold from -40 dB to +22 dB. The stereo-link switch allows the module detector circuit to be tied to adjacent 500 Series compressor modules.
AES Booth: 541
More information on the VC500

Little Labs VOG
The VOG is a peaking highpass filter allowing you to easily dial in the low-frequency punch you like while sweeping away the unwanted mush below.
AES Booth: 548

Matrix Audio Systems FTC-2 FET Compressor
The FTC-2 FET compressor features an all-discrete direct signal path and Jensen transformer-balanced output. Controls include an input attenuator, threshold, ratio, attack, release and make-up gain. The 2-channel unit can be operated in stereo or dual-mono operation. The inputs use Neutrik combo connectors, which accept XLR, TRS or TS balanced or unbalanced inputs. The FTC-2 compressor has that big, discrete sound with great detail and harmonics.
AES Booth: 575
More information on the FTC-2 FET

McDSP Retro Pack
McDSP’s 2009 TEC Award nominee, Retro Pack is a plug-in bundle that includes the 4020 EQ, 4030 compressor and 4040 limiter, designed for the ultimate vintage vibe using new and original designs based on McDSP’s decade of industry experience. Retro Pack plug-ins are a line of “classics” that can live up to their own name without emulating something else.
More information on the Retro Pack

Radial Workhorse 5000
This 500 Series module housing provides ±16VDC and 48V phantom power for each of its eight module slots and input, direct out and summing connections on 8-channel D-25 sub jacks (for direct-to-DAW or P.A. feeds). Each module also has ¼-inch and XLR I/O, mono/stereo-link switches and a mix/feed switch for internal patch routing of the output to feed the next module or to the master output section. OmniPort connectors on each input provide module designers with custom options, such as “keying” inputs, a footswitch or a tuner output. Designed for on-the-spot mixing or stereo recording, the mix bus section has pan/level pots and mute switches for each module, rotary main out and aux out controls, and a headphone monitoring section. The rear panel has XLR and ¼-inch aux and transformer-isolated main outputs, insert jacks for the master outs and bus in/out jacks for connecting additional sources and/or multiple Workhorse units. Street is $999.
AES Booth: 166

Retro Instruments Sta-Level Tube Compression Amplifier
The Retro Sta-Level is a replica of the legendary 1956 Gates Sta-Level. The Sta-Level dominated the sound of hit radio in the 1960s. Now, these super-musical-sounding compressors have found their way into today’s hits.
AES Booth: 541
More information on the Sta-Level

SoundToys Decapitator
Analog saturation modeler. Re-creates the sound of high-end analog studio gear. Saturation both subtle and extreme. Realistic analog sound and realistic analog response. Mix control allows you to mix in the dry right in the plug-in.
AES Booth: 640
More information about Decapitator

Tube-Tech RM2
New product fromTubeTech, shown for the first time at AES: The RM2 Rack. RM2 is a smaller version of the well-known RM8 Rack. The RM2 Rack holds two modules, and the modules can be either PM1A mic. pre/DI, EM1A Program EQ or CM1A opto-compressor. The RM2 will make it easier for smaller studios to get access to the highest Tube-Tech audio quality.
AES Booth: 555
More information on the RM2

Wave Distribution EL500
At AES we will unveil a convenient, quality 1U, two-module rack for API 500 Series–compatible modules.
AES Booth: 646

Waves Eddie Kramer Collection
The latest in the Waves Signature Series, The Eddie Kramer Collection features five application-specific plug-ins, with dedicated tools for guitar, drums, vocals, bass and effects. The plug-ins feature intuitive graphic interfaces and a retro-modern look with optimized control ranges that deliver Kramer’s distinctive, unmistakable sound. All five plug-ins feature complete all-in-one processing chains with 24-bit/96kHz resolution; RTAS, Audio Suite, VST and AU support; and Mac/PC compatibility. The collection is available separately ($800) and in Waves Mercury bundle. The Eddie Kramer Collection is Native only, and it requires iLok authorization.
AES Booth: 249
More information on the Eddie Kramer Collection