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Sound Devices A20-Nexus Gets Expansion Options

The Sound Devices A20-Nexus true diversity wireless receiver can now be expanded to 12 or 16 channels.

Sound Devices A20-Nexus true diversity wireless receiver.
Sound Devices A20-Nexus true diversity wireless receiver.

Reedsburg, WI (February 14, 2023)—Launched last fall, the Sound Devices A20-Nexus true diversity wireless receiver offers users a full eight channels in a half-rack unit—but now the company has introduced 4-Channel Expansion License which can be used to raise the count to 12 or, with two licenses, 16 channels.

The A20-Nexus features a 470-1525 MHz tuning range with SpectraBand, remote control of transmitters via NexLink, real time spectrum analysis, and more. The license can be purchased or rented as needed.

The purchased perpetual license is available for $2,500 USD for an additional four receiver channels. By purchasing a single 4-Channel Expansion License, the A20-Nexus can be increased to 12 channels, and a second License purchase expands the A20-Nexus receiver to its maximum 16-channel capacity.

Innovations: Sound Devices’ SpectraBand

Sound Devices is also offering rental options for the additional channels: one option for 7 days of an additional four receiver channels at the cost of $250 USD, and one option for 30 days of four channels at $850 USD. “These rental licenses are perfect for sound mixers who want to temporarily increase their receiver channel counts,” says Sound Devices Director of Product Design, Paul Isaacs. “If there’s a particular gig where you need more than the eight channels you use every day on your A20-Nexus, you can get an additional four or eight channels for the run of the show and then go back to your usual channel count. You get maximum convenience without committing to a long-term upgrade.”

The rental versions of the A20-Nexus 4-Channel Expansion Licenses are only available via Sound Devices’ online store. The permanent licenses can be purchased both in the online store and through Sound Devices’ approved resellers and distributors.