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Soundcraft Studer Group Strengthens Team

The Soundcraft Studer Group, based in Potters Bar, Hertfordshire, UK, announced several senior sales management appointments

From left: Adrian Curtis, Soundcraft VP of sales; Bruno Hochstrasser, Soundcraft Studer Group executive VP of sales and Studer president; and Ian Staddon, Studer VP of sales

The Soundcraft Studer Group, based in Potters Bar, Hertfordshire, UK, announced several senior sales management appointments. Whereas Soundcraft’s and Studer’s sales efforts were previously handled by two distinct management teams, with this move, sales for both brands are now headed up by Bruno Hochstrasser, Soundcraft Studer Group executive vice president of sales, who will also continue as president of Studer in Regensdorf, Switzerland.

“Bruno’s experience spans over 35 years in the professional audio industry and he has been very successful in growing Studer’s digital business,” says Andy Trott, president of the Soundcraft Studer Group. “Now that we have completed the integration of our production, marketing and product development functions, it’s time to complete our program and unite these great marques under one sales team. We have incredibly exciting strategies for both brands to expand in the live, broadcast and recording sectors with working projects for a brand new portfolio of digital products, and I believe Bruno’s leadership will accelerate the success that the Studer Vista, Studer OnAir and Soundcraft Vi Series are currently enjoying.”

Adrian Curtis, Soundcraft’s vice president of sales, and newly-promoted Ian Staddon, Studer’s vice president of sales, will head up the sales channels. “This move will enable Adrian and Ian to work far more closely together, something that will become more and more important as our new products roll out over the next few months,” Hochstrasser adds.

“Previously, the two brands targeted entirely different market sectors,” Hochstrasser continues. “Now, with the advent of new shared technologies currently under development, we will be in a position to offer the market a more complete range of digital mixing consoles and systems. This is going to be a very exciting period, indeed!”

“These changes will not directly affect the structure of our distribution channels,” Trott says. “Our partners will continue to be served through the existing sales teams and have access to the existing ranges of products, services and support.”

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