SRS Labs Introduces Portable Surround Sound Encoder at NAB 2006


SRS Labs unveiled two of its newest surround solutions at the NAB 2006 Conference and Expo. The SRS CSE-06P Portable Circle Surround Encoder is specifically engineered to prepare 5.1 or 6.0 multichannel audio for recording on two-channel recorders and ENG/EFP cameras. The unit includes a surround headphone-monitoring mode, SRS Headphone Pro, which monitors discrete 5.1-channel mixes over conventional headphones.

The CSE-06P belt pack encoder enables portable surround recording on SD and HD-capable cameras so that field recordings can be delivered for playback, editing and broadcast in surround sound through existing two-channel SD and HD infrastructures. The unit also offers monitoring of individual channels and of the SRS Circle surround-encoded stream.

The newly upgraded SRS Circle Surround TDM Pro 2.0 plug-in for Digidesign’s Pro Tools digital audio workstations includes a new music mode for mixing and monitoring SRS Circle surround-encoded music material. The plug-in also features the Xtract up-mixing feature, which produces 6.1-channel surround sound mixes from mono and stereo material.

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