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StarCity Recording Company Acquires ATR Analog Recorder

Pictured at StarCity Recording Company with the ATR 104 are Mike Spitz (left), president of ATR Services, and Jeff Glixman.

StarCity Recording Company in Bethlehem, Penn. has acquired an ATR Magnetic 104 1/2-inch multitrack recorder for use as a mixdown machine on its high-end projects. The ATR 104 can also be used to transfer original analog tracks into high-resolution digital.

“Having the ATR 104 at StarCity is an absolute must,” says Jeff Glixman, executive vice president of StarCity. “The sound is incredible, and with the diversity of projects typically in our studio, having the capabilities to record and mix in analog is essential. When recording a track focusing on natural sound, I feel analog is the best way to go, and the ATR 104 captures sound at its purest.”

Glixman recently used the ATR 104 on a project for the Tyrone Vaughan Band, a four-piece rock ’n’ roll band from Austin, Texas. The band’s 12-track CD was recorded and mixed in analog at StarCity; Glixman produced and engineered.

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