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Studer Announces Version 4 Software for Vista Consoles

Version 4 software for Studer Vista Series digital mixing consoles adds a 5.1 input channel.

Studer Vista 5 console

Version 4 software for Studer Vista Series digital mixing consoles adds a 5.1 input channel. Vista Series consoles can now handle 5.1 input sources on a single fader to conserve console real estate.

With the Studer 5.1 input channel, engineers now have Input, EQ, Dynamics and Panning sections that are designed for premixed 5.1 input sources. Operators can adjust the most important parameters directly via the Vistonics touchscreen without the need to assign single mono or stereo channels to additional faders, where other important sources would be hidden and become unavailable.

Vista Version 4 Channel View

The new software also provides width control over the entire surround image, allowing the depth between front and rear signals to be varied from zero up to 200 percent.

Studer has also introduced 5.1 Group and Master channels. Operators can save more faders, since a complete surround group or a surround master occupies one single fader.

A new surround panning module is also available for stereo channels.

Studer Vista V. 4 “Panaround”

Studer has also implemented a way to pan stereo source signals into a 5.1 surround mix, allowing engineers to “wrap” stereo channels to a surround sound image using technology that is proprietary to the Harman Pro Group.

The optional Dolby E decoder card and integral multicast downmixing provide further surround sound management.

Studer’s new SCore Live processing platform provides processing power for channel-intense surround productions, with an integrated and externally controllable routing matrix of 1,700×1,700 inputs and outputs.

The 5.1 input channels will be available for all SCore Live–based Vista consoles.

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