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Studio Network Solutions Announces SANmp Version 3.1 Beta

Studio Network Solutions is offering a beta version of SANmp Version 3.1. SANmp enables computers to concurrently share massive amounts of data over high-speed fiber and iSCSI storage networks. SANmp management software enables all users to easily share projects and huge media files on a Storage Area Network for increased workflow; all users can capture, record and edit directly onto the storage system in real time, which eliminates the need to copy files locally.

The company invites existing users to download this trial version, which is compatible with Snow Leopard and includes many new features.

SANmp is compatible with Final Cut Pro, Avid, Pro Tools, Adobe Premiere Pro and others.

Click here to download a free trial version of SANmp.

For more information on this product, visit Studio Network Solutions’ forum and the SANmp V. 3 page.

Watch Studio Network Solutions’ two videos demonstrating SANmp.