Sweetwater Hosts Special Training Event


From left: Ross Hogarth, Kenny Aronoff and Sweetwater Editorial Director Mitch Gallagher in Sweetwater's Studio A.

Royer Labs and Mojave Audio recently held a special training event at Sweetwater in Fort Wayne, Ind. A full song was recorded in Sweetwater's Studio A with a live high-definition video/audio cast into Sweetwater's state-of-the-art Performance Theatre. Royer and Mojave microphones were used for the session, and featured the talents of engineer Ross Hogarth, drummer Kenny Aronoff, bassist German Briseno, and vocalist/guitarist Lukas Rossi, the winner of CBS television's Rockstar: SuperNova series. Hogarth then held small Q&A sessions with Sweetwater sales engineers discussing his engineering techniques and microphone approaches.

Visit www.sweetwater.com, www.royerlabs.com and www.mojaveaudio.com.