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Trinity Baptist Church Restores Its Sound System with SLS Loudspeakers

Trinity Baptist Church, a 66,000-square-foot church in Lake Charles, La. has acquired several SLS units to replace its old sound system, which was badly damaged during Hurricane Rita one year ago.

“The wreckage resulting from Hurricane Rita was catastrophic for Trinity Baptist Church,” states Randy Monroe, Associate Pastor of Worship and Praise. “Our roof and ceiling tiles suffered a lot from the wind, saltwater and rain, which subsequently took a significant toll on many of our resources, including sound speakers located within the ceiling. Rising above the ruins, we worked expeditiously to repair the damaged property.”

The church selected N.B. Traylor & Associates of Baton Rouge, La. as consulting engineers for the project. Neil Traylor, Jr., CEO of the company, selected SLS RLA/2 LS8800s, LSB8115s and LS6593s.

“The original system included good quality left, right and center clusters operating in the mono mode looking into a large, difficult space delivering lackluster performance,” Traylor says. “It was clear that the space would benefit from a system with a good footprint and minimal wall/ceiling excitation. Even though it was a departure from his original mandate, the restoration contractor cooperated in flying a side-by-side cluster comprised of eight two-way modules and four subs, which matched up in a nice, monolithic appearing array. The left and right corners were supplemented with dual stacks of LS6593s flush mounted at ear level.”

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