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Universal Audio Relocates, Releases UAD Version 4.8 Software

Universal Audio has relocated its headquarters and manufacturing operations from Santa Cruz, Calif. to new, larger premises in Scotts Valley, Calif.

Universal Audio staff outside new headquarters in Scotts Valley, Calif.

Universal Audio has relocated its headquarters and manufacturing operations from Santa Cruz, Calif. to new, larger premises in Scotts Valley, Calif. UA has expanded its product line to include 14 hardware products, 10 UAD DSP Card products and more than 30 Powered Plug-Ins. The company currently employs approximately 65 full-time staff.

“UA has run far and fast from my Santa Cruz basement and the original two classic re-issues of the 1176LN and LA-2A that restarted the company in 1999 based on my father’s original designs,” says Bill Putnam Jr., founder and CEO of Universal Audio. “With our dedication to authenticity, audio quality and high standards of build combined with our passionate and talented employees, we have together managed to build a dream and a thriving company. We can proudly say that by focusing on and understanding the needs and desires of recording musicians, and building great products with awesome tone here in the U.S., we have become a major worldwide audio player in little over five years.”

“UA has established a sound business growth plan, a worldwide distribution network of partners, a world-class audio brand and a premium recording product line that has enabled us to rapidly out-grow Bill’s basement and garage into our first business premises in Santa Cruz on Delaware and Encinal, and most recently to our current 30,000-square-foot facility in Scotts Valley,” says Universal Audio president Matt Ward. “We have achieved steady double-digit growth and healthy profitability, and I believe we are still far from fulfilling our full potential. As we continue to innovate with our digital product strategy and set the standard for audio DSP with our UAD products, we are already well into development for a slew of cutting-edge products that will be introduced in 2008.”

UA Precision Maximizer

Universal Audio also released Version 4.8 software for the UAD Family of DSP Cards & Powered Plug-Ins. V. 4.8 includes 14-day fully functional demos of the new Precision Maximizer and Precision De-Esser. Registered UAD customers can purchase full authorizations of the Precision Maximizer plug-in for $199 and the Precision De-Esser for $99 at

The Precision Maximizer maximizes perceived mix volume with minimal gain or dynamic range change. It’s also designed to enhance the perceived impact, warmth, energy and presence of a mix. The Effect feature controls perceived loudness while Shape contours harmonic content, from subtle to saturated settings. The Precision De-Esser features a Dynamic Sibilance Processor for individual tracks, buses or master fader; modern bandpass or traditional highpass de-essing for maximum flexibility; a Split mode for minimizing unwanted artifacts, such as darkening or lisping; and dual-speed time constant and wide frequency range for vocals to overheads.

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