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Vintage King Audio Unveils Neve 2264ALB Mono Limiter, Compressor Module

Vintage King Audio, a leading dealer of high-end new and vintage recording equipment, announces the release of the Neve 2264ALB Mono Limiter/Compressor Module ($1,395 MSRP), from AMS Neve. This is the third product launch and U.S. distribution partnership for the two companies, including two additional 500 Series modules from AMS Neve: the 1073LB and 1073LB EQ.

The Neve 2264ALB, available exclusively in the United States through Vintage King Audio and select dealers worldwide, will begin shipping in November 2011 following its debut at the 131st AES Convention in New York City.

Crafted in England by Neve engineers, the 2264ALB retains the unique sonic characteristics of its predecessor by using the same architecture, matching components and original hand-wound transformers. Its input uses discrete Class-A/B transformer coupled circuits. The unit’s bridge-driver design, sidechain and output stages are said to ensure a faithful reproduction of the classic.

New features include a slow attack option that’s ideal for bus work, a multi-color Signal Presence indicator LED, and a universal, portable form-factor.

“The Neve 2264A (the console mounted version of the 33609) has long been revered as the ‘desert island selection’ of dynamic processors. If you could have one Limiter/Compressor, this model would be at your side,” says Mike Nehra, co-owner of Vintage King Audio “The sound of the Neve 2264A is still incredibly sought after today. Vintage King is not only excited, but honored to be part of this unit’s revitalization as a 500 Series module. Neve has taken such care in preserving the rich history of the 2264A Limiter/Compressor with the Neve 2264ALB. We anticipate a very warm reception from aficionados and new fans alike.”

The Neve 2264ALB will be available for demo at the AES show in Vintage King’s booth #228.

For more information, visit and AMS Neve’s 2264ALB Mono Limiter/Compressor module page.