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Waves Releases SSL 4000 Collection

The Waves SSL 4000 Collection was developed under license from Solid State Logic, is based on the 4000 Series console and created by Waves working closely with SSL’s engineering staff. The collection includes three meticulously modeled plug-ins: the SSL G-Master Bus Compressor, SSL E-Channel (pictured) and SSL G-Equalizer.

The Waves SSL G-Master Bus Compressor captures the unique sound of renowned master bus center compressor of the SL 4000 G console, including its IC input and twin VCA gain-reduction amplifier design.

The new SSL E-Channel comprises two sections that deliver the characteristic sound of the original. The equalization section of the SSL E-Channel is based on the renowned Black Knob equalizer, developed in 1983 by SSL in association with producer George Martin. It features a steeper highpass filter for tighter low-frequency control and enhanced cut and boost ranges, with a smoother EQ curve and flexible routing. The dynamics section features a soft-knee compressor/limiter and an expander/gate modeled on the SSL LS611E. Like its hardware counterpart, it includes a soft-knee compressor/limiter and powerful expander/gate, as well as automatic makeup gain for steady output levels.

The SSL G-Equalizer is modeled on the SSL G Series EQ292. This 4-band equalizer offers greater gain change than the E-Series EQ and a slightly different curve. The SSL G-Equalizer delivers the original’s pre-boost dip and pre-cut rise, in addition to a broad Q for extreme equalization.

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