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Solid State Logic 4K B Plug-in Aims to Recreate 4000 B Console

Solid State Logic’s latest plug-in is an emulation of the SSL 4000 B-Series console, only six of which were ever built.

Solid State Logic 4K B Plug-in
Solid State Logic 4K B Plug-in.

Oxford, England (October 17, 2022)—Solid State Logic’s latest plug-in is an emulation of the SSL 4000 B-Series console, as heard on The Buggles’ “Video Killed The Radio Star,” Phil Collins’ “In The Air Tonight” and many other tracks of the era. Only six physical SL 4000 B consoles were ever built, most of which were installed in notable studios such as ‘The Stone Room’ at Virgin’s Townhouse Studio and Record Plant in Los Angeles.

The new 4K B plug-in, available exclusively with SSL Complete or UC1 hardware, has been modeled down to the component level, according to the company. The 4K B is said to present a contrasting ‘sonic flavor’ to Channel Strip 2, AKA “the SSL 9000 series plug-in.” The plug-in was designed to work within SSL’s 360° software ecosystem and its UC1 and UF8 control surfaces.

SSL Fusion Plug-ins Launch

Customers can access the new 4K B plug-in through the SSL Complete subscription, or as part of the software bundle included with SSL’s UC1 control surface. Additionally, UC1 and UF8 control surface owners can access the entire range of SSL plug-ins via an extended six-month SSL Complete trial.

In parallel with the new 4K B plug-in announcement, SSL has updated its 360° software ecosystem with V1.4, which allows integration of the new 4K B plug-in. Additionally, Channel Strip 2 and Bus Comp 2 have been updated to be fully Apple Silicon M1/ARM native. The updated Channel Strip 2 plug-in also includes new features such as Pan, Width and Compressor Mix controls.

Finally, the SSL 360° V1.4 update (now also M1/ARM native) features adds LUNA and Pyramix DAW profiles for the UF8, and deeper Plug-in Mixer DAW integration for Ableton Live, Studio One and REAPER on the UC1 – including Follow Selected DAW Track, Solo and Mute.