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‘White Spaces’ Lobbying Deadline Is October 27, Urgent Call to Action

The U.S. Congress will vote on the "white spaces" issue on November 4; Mix readers are invited to submit lobbying statements ASAP to Ryan Smith at Shure before the October 27 lobbying deadline

Jason Spence of J Sound Services submitted the following urgent call to action over the impending Congressional “white spaces” vote to Mix magazine:

“Friends and colleagues,

“We as artists, performers, technicians, rental companies, managers, agents and audiences need to address the ‘white spaces’ issue immediately. We are in the eleventh hour before the U.S. Congress votes and potentially destroys the way we do business. The vote will conveniently take place on November 4. Do you think anyone will be paying any attention to the ‘white space’ issue that day? Monday, October 27 is the deadline for lobbying on the issue. You need to take action in the next few days. You can make a difference.

This Affects You!
“As a live performer, agent, manager, technician—Your current wireless in-ear, vocal and instrument systems will be rendered useless. Costing you thousands of dollars. Collectively millions of dollars industry wide. Not to mention your ability to deliver an entertaining show to audiences will be seriously sacrificed resulting in potentially lower ticket sales. Many are already experiencing less-than-stellar ticket sales in this economy.

“As a retailer—Millions of dollars will be lost on the lack of sales of wireless systems. Current inventories containing wireless technology will also be rendered useless costing your business millions more.

“As an installer/rental company—Millions of dollars on current inventories of wireless systems will be rendered useless. The ability to satisfy the needs of your customers and clients will be seriously sacrificed potentially causing a loss of revenue.

“As an audience—The way we experience live performances from the Super Bowl and the Grammy Awards to the person behind the pulpit of your church will be affected. A recent test of proposed ‘white space’ devices resulted in the interruption of a wireless microphone from 10 rows back at the Phantom of the Opera [performance] in New York City.

“We need your celebrity to make a difference. If you are an artist or artist manager, please contact Ryan Smith at Shure Artist Relations. They have representatives to help craft statements from you that will be most effective. All statements should be submitted to Ryan to ensure that your concerns will be communicated directly to the FCC Commissioners.”

Ryan Smith
Office: 615/256-2609
email: [email protected]


Jason Spence

J Sound Services
Nashville, Tenn.
phone: 615/330-3675
fax: 309/431-8391