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DJ White Shadow Travels with New Monitors

DJ White Shadow has adopted KRK’s new GoAux 4 portable monitor system.

KRK’s new GoAux 4 portable monitor system
KRK’s GoAux 4 portable monitor system.

Los Angeles, CA (November 22, 2022)―DJ White Shadow—Grammy Award-winning producer, musician, songwriter and DJ Paul Blair—has adopted KRK’s new GoAux 4 portable monitor system to enable him to work wherever his travels take him.

Blair has worked with the likes of Lady Gaga, Pitbull, Jennifer Lopez, Lil Jon and T-Pain, including composing for Gaga’s A Star is Born soundtrack. He most recently served as music supervisor for the upcoming film Pierre the Pigeon Hawk. He also co-founded Sweet Dreams Society, an immersive, artist-in-residence program and creative community for emerging musicians.

KRK GoAux 3 Portable Monitor System – A Real-World Review

“It’s incredible how much sound comes out of this smaller package,” he says. “It’s so much better than listening through headphones. I was able to walk away from the computer, let my track keep playing, and move around in multiple environments, from a hotel room, and on a plane, to a regular studio. I could also play music for people and collaborate with [other artists] on the road. I even went to the studio and was able to listen to what the [GoAux] mix sounded like on the [full-size] KRKs, and the translation between the two was incredible.”

He now plans to add the 4-inch speakers to his travel kit. “Everyone that I showed the KRKs to was like, ‘When did these come out?’ It’s a piece of gear that I’m totally going to add to my travels when I’m bouncing around and working on a project. This is the best quality for a carry-along speaker that I’ve ever encountered.”