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Yamaha MMP1 Studio Monitor Management System

Advanced Routing, DSP, and a 40 x 36 Monitor Matrix

The MMP1 from Yamaha ($TBA) is a 40×36 Monitor Matrix to monitor source mixing that supports formats from Stereo to Immersive audio, including Dolby Atmos, Auro-3D and NHK 22.2. Other features include eight cue outputs, two talkback systems, cough mute, cough mute override, and studio speaker auto-mute. A 32×32 speaker management matrix with crossover filters for bass management on all channels follows the monitor matrix, allowing greater freedom and flexibility rather than just providing a limited selection of preset patterns. Both Finite (FIR) and Infinite (IIR) filters are provided for precise bass management, and to maintain flat phase response characteristics between channels for optimum sonic clarity and imaging. Time alignment delay and EQ are also included for comprehensive speaker output control.