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Zaxcom to Unveil New Handheld Wireless Mic at AES

Brand-new for AES 2006 is Zaxcom’s TRX800 handheld wireless microphone with internal recording, said to be the only professional wireless microphone to use digital modulation. Designed for use in studio, theater, and ENG applications, the TRX800 handheld promises audio quality equivalent to AES audio on a hard-wired cable.

The handheld unit records up to 12 hours of audio to a removable memory card. By recording directly to the handheld mic, the TRX800 provides a backup to all audio transmissions. When RF interference or signal loss is experienced, the user can simply transfer the audio stored on the TRX800’s memory card to a broadcast-quality WAV file with SMPTE timecode reference.

The TRX800 handheld system is controlled via an internal RF receiver. SMPTE timecode transmitted to the TRX800 provides a timecode reference for the system’s patent-pending internal recording capabilities. Users can employ an RF remote to control all audio parameters even while the TRX800 unit is in use. Multiple units may be used together to form a virtual multitrack recording system (patent pending). The TRX800 has a run time of 4.5 hours, and Zaxcom states that it will begin shipping units in the spring of 2007.

At AES 2006, Zaxcom will also exhibit its new stereo adaptor feature for the ZFR100 broadcast-quality recorder. The adaptor and timecode interface integrates with the ZFR100 to provide two balanced audio inputs for eliminating ground loop problems. The adaptor’s dedicated timecode input synchronizes the timecode generator inside the ZFR100 and supports automated loading of audio onto the memory card. According to Zaxcom, this enables an exact match of audio recorded on the ZFR100 and audio/video recorded on camera.

This new interface also features a timecode/audio out connector that can be used as an audio monitor for playback from the memory card, or as a timecode output to jam other devices. The new adaptor is equipped with an 8-16VDC input, which externally powers the unit when used in a sound bag.

Zaxcom will also exhibit its TRX900, TRX990 and TRX900AA digital wireless microphone transceivers, Deva Mix-12 digital audio mixing console and Deva hard-disk recorders.

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