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Zion Hill Church Installs P.A. System from One Systems

Zion Hill Missionary Baptist Church in Midway, Ky., has equipped its new, temporary sanctuary with a loudspeaker system from One Systems.

Zion Hill Missionary Baptist Church in Midway, Ky., has equipped its new, temporary sanctuary with a loudspeaker system from One Systems. The installation was handled by local contractor ESP Audio, and includes an array of One Systems Model 112IM lightweight, copolymer, all-weather loudspeaker systems with Model 218Sub-W subwoofers.

“The all-new building measures 80 feet deep by 120 feet wide, with a 24-foot ceiling,” explains ESP Audio owner Jim Prowant. “Currently, the church is using the space as a temporary sanctuary, and is planning to erect a second new building close by as a permanent sanctuary. The temporary area will then become whatever is needed for concerts, service overflow, youth events, a gymnasium and other gatherings.” Prowant had specified a total of six Model 112IM cabinets for the large space. “Because of the large area to be covered by the church’s new sound system, we were planning on installing a left-center-right array, with two Model 112IMs per location, and a subwoofer added left and right. Instead, we decided to keep it simple and use a conventional left and right configuration, with three Model 112IM cabinets and two Model 218 subwoofers per side.”

Each trio of Model 112IM cabinets is flown above the lip of the stage at a height of around 16 feet, arranged in a line and splayed at around 30 degrees using One Systems’ FLY112-IM flying hardware to provide enhanced sound coverage. The entire system is powered by Lab:gruppen C68:4 4-channel 1,700-watt amplifiers, using a dbx Model 260 system controller. An Allen & Heath 32-channel analog console is on hand for mixing duties.

According to Ken Voss, president of One Systems’ Indianapolis-based distributor, Online Marketing: “We recommended the full-range and woofer cabinets to Jim Prowant at ESP Audio because the church needed a system that could deliver a lot of SPL for contemporary church services, as well as a subwoofer for enhanced low-end performance. Zion Hill Missionary Baptist Church has a very active congregation. As a result, we knew that the hall would need a system with plenty of reach and articulation. The room is very long; we had no budget for delay speakers, so we needed to ensure a high SPL output from a single-point source with a long throw down the sanctuary. We felt that a combination of three One Systems Model 112IM cabinets and a single Model 218Sub-W subwoofers per side would deliver the power the room needed, even without delay speakers. That combination proved to be a perfect choice.”

“It’s a great system,” Prowant concludes. “While six full-range cabinets and two subs might be considered overkill for this space, the coverage throughout the sanctuary is outstanding. Four cabinets might have worked; six is nicer! And these Model 112IMs get real loud. The P.A. system has to handle a wide range of vocal and music performances, since the weekday and weekend services feature choirs and a small band. It is invaluable for voice reproduction; the midrange throw, in particular, is very powerful. We have achieved a very even coverage with no phase cancellation from the left and right speaker array. The configuration is working very well for the church.”

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