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Acoustic Geometry Launches Pro Room Packs

Room Packs Ideal Solution for Professional and High-End Audio Rooms

CHASKA, MN, OCTOBER 16, 2017 Acoustic Geometry announces the launch of Pro Room Packs, a unique grouping of acoustical products aimed at the professional audio market. Delivering professional-level acoustical performance at four cost-saving price points, these new product packages provide convenient and well-balanced room treatment solutions.

Available as Pro Room Packs 6, 8, 10, and 12, these highly-effective groups combine phase-coherent diffusion, proven low-frequency room mode mitigation, and broadband sound absorption. All Pro Room Packs include Fabric-Wrapped Panels and Ceiling Clouds (absorbers), Curve Diffusors, CornerSorbers, and all mounting hardware.

Pro Room Packs provide pro audio and audiophile professionals with a combination of proven acoustical products, which will greatly benefit nearly all audio spaces, including recording studios, audio post-production rooms, stereo listening rooms, and high-end home theaters.

“We’re proud to offer Pro Room Packs as an easy, effective, and reasonably-priced room-improvement solution,” says John Calder, Retail Director, Acoustic Geometry. “Each of the four cost-effective packages are the most balanced selections of room treatments for that price point. Critical-listening rooms can achieve much better sound in a visually elegant manner. Pro Room Packs are the ideal solution for high-end rooms as well as professional audio rooms. Acoustic Geometry offers phase-coherent diffusion combined with glass-fiber mid- and high-frequency absorption, as well as unique lab-tested, low-frequency membrane absorption to treat room modes. We’re always happy to consult on product choices and placements.”

Pro Room Packs are available in six ‘ship-from-stock’ fabric color options and 23 additional colors requiring a bit longer lead time. Colors range from the most popular, Onyx and Birch, to unique color textures such as Beach Glass and Sandy Pebble.

To learn more about Acoustic Geometry, visit, or visit with John Calder, Acoustic Geometry’s Retail Director, at AES 143 New York. He will be presenting his paper titled “New Research on Low-Frequency Absorption Using Membranes” on Friday, October 20, from 2:00-3:30pm in AES Session P15-4.

About Acoustic Geometry

Acoustic Geometry offers innovative, effective, and affordable acoustic and noise-control products for a wide range of professional audio, residential, and business applications. Acoustic Geometry’s best-in-class products will improve the sound of any room. To simplify the creation of natural-sounding acoustic spaces, please visit Videos are available on the Acoustic Geometry YouTube Channel (