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Amadeus Releases the New ‘PMX 4’ Miniature Loudspeaker at Musikmesse

French high-end sound reinforcement manufacturer Amadeus releases the PMX 4 miniature 4-inch coaxial loudspeaker at Prolight + Sound 2014. — Frankfurt, Germany, Prolight + Sound

The new Amadeus PMX 4 compact speaker — designed for installations

March 12, 2014 — At the Musikmesse ‘Prolight + Sound’ exhibition in Frankfurt, French high-end sound reinforcement manufacturer Amadeus has announced the release of its new PMX 4 miniature 4-inch loudspeaker. The PMX 4 speaker is designed for sound professionals wishing to combine high sonic fidelity with ultra-compact format for space-limited installation or live use. This new 4-inch coaxial speaker, the most compact in its line, completes the Amadeus PMX Series speaker line which includes the 15, 12, 10, 8 and 5-inch models, each available in passive, self-powered and EtherSound-enabled versions. Amadeus is showing the new PMX 4 speaker within the Prolight + Sound area in Hall 8 Booth G19. The Amadeus PMX 4 speaker is set for release in 2014, priced at 490.00 € each (VAT excluded).

Initially available in a highly resistant black (water-soluble) paint finish, the PMX 4 is also available in several different standard colors. Every PMX 4 can also be ordered in a ‘made-to-measure’ finish, based on registered or non-registered colors and/or materials. It can be manufactured in standard premium-grade Baltic Birch or in special woods such as Wenge, Wacapou, Wamara, Ebony from Africa, and more traditional timbers such as White Sycamore and Oak.

The PMX 4 is an outstanding choice for a wide variety of installation needs where both sonic transparency and aesthetic transparency are a factor. Gaetan BYK, Marketing Manager at Amadeus, says, “Amadeus is very pleased to announce the release of their newest speaker, the PMX 4, which fills out the PMX Series. We recently received several convergent requests from composers, designers and scenographers — with whom we have been working with for long time — looking for a highly accurate, transparent, neutral, and above all a miniature sized sound reinforcement solution. We feel the new PMX 4 fills all these requirements perfectly.”

The new 4-inch speaker model meets the exceptional neutral-sounding standard established by the Amadeus PMX 5. 

“We had to create a product matching the Amadeus sonic philosophy, starting from the PMX 5 format and trying to reduce its size by 50% without making any sonic compromise,” added Michel DELUC, lead designer at Amadeus. “This loudspeaker comprises a 4-inch (100 mm) neodymium woofer, with a 0,8-inch (20 mm) tweeter mounted in coaxial mode. It draws 300 watts peak from the line, under a 8-ohm impedance and produces 112 dB peak SPL.”

The sides and the upper, lower and rear panels of the PMX 4 speaker are all equipped with M5-threaded inserts, compatible with U-Brackets developed by Amadeus, and speaker wall mounts, developed by Konig & Meyer, allowing the speakers to easily attach to a wall or a ceiling.

Contact Amadeus for further information about the PMX 4 speaker at [email protected] or visit their website at:

About Amadeus
Amadeus develops, manufactures and sells a wide range of high-end sound reinforcement loudspeakers, studio monitors and various signal processing interfaces that combine its own custom innovative technology with stylish design, for the professional audio industry. Created in 1992 from the collaboration between the French designer Bernard BYK and the scientist Michel DELUC, the Amadeus brand has grown to become a leading supplier of high-end audio solutions and services for theaters, opera houses, recording studios, research centers and touring concert sound rental operations. All development and product manufacturing is centralized in Atelier 33 headquarters in France, with field offices and authorized distributors located in Europe, Asia and UAE.

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