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DALLAS, TX — The premiere of “Amanpourâ€? on CNN represents a pivotal new chapter in the career of the news network’s chief international correspondent, Christiane Amanpour. A live global interview program that hosts the world’s elite in politics, culture and beyond, the show makes its presence known with a gripping custom theme from Stephen Arnold Music.

Stephen Arnold Music matched the larger-than-life profile of Amanpour with a strong set of themes – five in all – that reflected her status as one of the top journalists in the field. Written to reach an international audience, the music’s foundation draws off of a signature four-note sonic logo, unfolding via a stirring arrangement of live orchestral strings, horns, and percussion, combined subtly with advanced electronic elements.

”Christiane Amanpour is among the most recognizable talents in the CNN family worldwide,” says

Stephen Arnold, President of Stephen Arnold Music. “It was

important to develop a strong signature that fits her personality. The ‘Amanpour’ theme is distinctive and authoritative and also has a feminine quality to it. A sense of elegance, importance and intellectual appeal were also essential qualities to weave into the music.”

The composition that Arnold and his team wrote and arranged was recorded by members of the Dallas and Ft. Worth Symphony Orchestra, bringing together violins, violas, cellos, French horns and more for a rich sound that only live players and instruments can bring. The result is a theme fit for on-air royalty, effectively mixing majesty, tension and drama, all riding a rhythmic pulse.

With compositions that have been central to the branding of broadcast brands such as CBS, Fox Business Channel, The Weather Channel, and a full 35% of all U.S. local TV markets, Stephen Arnold Music’s expertise made them a natural choice for the project. ”We have a strong feel for what CNN’s network sound is, and we made sure to extend that to ‘Amanpour’,” Arnold says. ”Our longtime experience in sonic branding is what allowed us to translate Christiane Amanpour’s amazing qualities into a fitting theme for her new show.”

”Inside the Middle East”
In addition to ‘Amanpour,’ Stephen Arnold Music was also selected to write a fresh theme for the popular CNN program ”Inside the Middle East.” Part of a relaunch that also called for a new graphic look, Stephen Arnold Music created a contemporary, energetic theme that seamlessly fused electronic and Arabic feels.

Stephen Arnold Music recorded strings, santoor and a wealth of percussion instruments with ancient Middle Eastern roots, plus the latest in modern synths, to make an invigorating cross-cultural statement. ”A good hook is a good hook,” Stephen Arnold says of the company’s ability to write across an international range. ”It takes a lot of experience and research to fuse traditional and contemporary styles, but you also have to just put your head and heart into the music. You can hear we did just that in the new theme for CNN’s ‘Inside the Middle East.’”

About Stephen Arnold Music:

As a multiple Emmy, Addy and Promax Gold award-winning music production company, Stephen Arnold Music has over 15 years of success in delivering the sounds that make a difference to networks, television stations, advertising agencies, film studios and video game companies the world over. The company’s Commanding Sonic Branding approach to music production and commitment to industry-leading service is at the core of its promise. For more information, please visit

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