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Andrew Joslyn Makes it Symphonic with Mackie DL1608

Seattle, WA — March 2016… “I refer to myself as an orchestral producer,” observes violinist Andrew Joslyn. Nomenclature aside, the instrumentalist, composer, arranger, and performer is as musically versatile as he is busy. Between tours with hip hop artists Macklemore and Ryan Lewis and folk legend Judy Collins, Joslyn performs and records with the Seattle Rock Orchestra, Mark Lanegan, Duff McKagan, as well as with his own Passenger String Quartet.

Though it’s hard to imagine he has time for anything else, Joslyn also maintains a full schedule of recording dates, both solo and with multiple players. “I assemble a group of players — string players, woodwinds, brass — get them in the studio working with artists, create the arrangements, write all the charts and do the conducting,” he explains.

Not surprisingly, Joslyn applies a particularly critical ear to the sound of the strings, particularly in live performances. “A lot of front of house guys don’t really have that much experience mixing strings, particularly in the context of a band, or in a typical rock oriented venue and PA system,” he offers. That’s where his Mackie DL1608 mixer with Master Fader control app is invaluable.

“The DL1608 is an indispensable part of my touring rig. It enables me to take control of our live sound. I can run all the strings into the board, apply a bit of compression and EQ, create a mix, and get it sounding as close to the real thing as possible. I can essentially give the FOH engineer a left and right feed, and all they have to do is turn us up.”

Monitoring is another challenge when playing live, says Joslyn, and another place the DL1608 shines. “I’m always playing that balancing act between getting the best tone, and also being able to hear ourselves. With the DL1608, I can run in-ear monitoring setups via the aux sends, and make sure everyone can hear themselves, we can hear each other, and everyone’s getting exactly the tone and control they need.”

Playing live or in the studio, Andrew Joslyn points to his DL1608 mixer as an essential part of his musical arsenal. “You can just bring it in, set it up, and you’re ready to play, and get great sound. It’s simple, and it’s awesome.”

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