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Audiofile Engineering Posts Backline Calc 2.0 for iPhone OS

The The Backline Calc app’s File Size calculator

Audiofile Engineering in Minneapolis, an audio software developer for the Mac platform, has released Backline Calc 2.0, an update to its professional music calculator app for Apple iPhone and iPod touch. Backline Calc was developed for musicians, music students and teachers, DJs, audio and video engineers and broadcast technicians. It features more than 20 calculators and converters designed to cover virtually any musical situation, conveniently written for Apple’s iPhone OS.

The Backline Calc app is free to download and includes three basic calculators: Note Length, Frames to Time code, and File Size. The rest of the calculators can be purchased and unlocked directly from within the app. The length calculators include Bar and Song Length, Song Length, Beats to Tempo, Time to Samples, Compare Tempos, Change Tempo and Sum Times. The pitch calculators convert Note Name, MIDI Notes, Frequency and Wavelength. The additional time code calculators include Frames to Time code, Convert Time code and Change Time code. The acoustics calculators include Distance to Time, Time to Distance and Sound Pressure Level (SPL). The electrical category includes Compare Power and Compare Voltage calculators. There is also a Files calculator for converting sizes of audio files.

In addition to a newly designed, streamlined interface and a fully integrated Help feature with examples and instructions, Version 2 includes a new Time to Samples calculator as well as the addition of a Tap Tempo and number keypad for easy tempo input.

Backline Calc 2.0 is now available on the Apple App Store for free (with three calculators) or $2.99 (with all calculators).

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