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Audionamix To Demonstrate Sound Separation Technology and Solutions at NAB

Audionamix, the industry’s leading audio deconstruction specialists and developer of ADX Technology, will present “Unmixing Audio with Cutting-Edge Technology” at the Pro Audio Pit and HPA Post Pit during NAB. In these two 20-minute sessions, Audionamix will highlight the role sound plays in revitalizing existing content for future revenue opportunities, and demonstrate examples of how their ADX Technology can isolate and separate audio elements, making it possible to unlock sound mixes.

The technology demos takes place: Tuesday, April 9 at 12:30 p.m. at the Pro Audio Pit (Central Hall, C3155) and Wednesday, April 10 at 10 a.m. at the HPA Post Pit (South Hall, SL15708).

Based on years of audio science, Audionamix has been providing proprietary sound separation technology and services for the film, broadcast and music sectors. The company’s ability to isolate audio elements and provide stems at a high quality has unleashed the creative power of many sound editors/mixers/designers as well as the assets of content owners to “unmix to re-create.”

Audionamix’s ADX technology essentially reverse engineers mono or stereo audio recordings into tracks for dialogue/vocal/instrument isolation, music dissociation, and instrumental creation, for various applications.

Audionamix’s VP of Operations Arnaud Dudemaine and VP of Production Rick Silva will showcase concrete examples of how content owners can: separate dialog from a full mix for foreign re-versioning; remove and replace costly music cues from television shows while preserving the dialog and effects in the original mix; and isolate and separate a singing voice from its orchestration to fuel new creations, or just modulate the levels while synching to commentary.

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