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Borse Burberry outlet Honestly. I could be quite obsessed. Nicky Wire was as beautiful as ever in his leopard skin and Burberry if all things! How cool. And James Dean bouncing about with his guitar. And me and friends screaming out the words and seeing who could ‘WOOOOOOOO!’ loudest when they finished singing.*sigh* I enjoyed it. Your name must be James if you’re wearing a balaclava like that. It’s called Stay Beautiful”

I fear that this may have been my only chance to see the manics. They have, afterall, been threatening to break up since they first started. He was bouncing up and down and doing his little kinda scissor jump things which I’ve tried so hard to do but failed so miserably. And he had his hair in bunches! it looked so incredibly cool and cute! I kept looking at this huge empty space on the stage to James Bradfield’s right where Richey would have been, and just felt so incredibly sad. I said this to Lyns and we both just stared at the floor. I wish I had seen them when they were younger. Although they seemed pretty ok yesterday!I wish I knew some nice eyeliner wearing cool non-gay people. Although gay ones would do actually. I want a richey, or a nicky. I really really do. Til we realised we had no way of getting home. So Lyn’s brother said he would collect 4 of us. Borse Burberry outlet We left Mark and his friends – we did feel guilty I might add! – standing outside Victoria station and we proceeded to try and find No. 1 Deansgate. So we waited in the cold til like.12.15am ish and scarily there were police riot vans and lots of loud noises coming from the street corner just next to where we were standing. which wasn’t fun really. Took us ages to get home and I got in at around 1.30am. It could do with shrinking just a wee bit to make it a more flattering fit.And I keep completely losing track of what I’m writing because my mam is washing the dog and keeps making me do things for her. And I need a bath and hair wash and there’s no conditioner. Grrrr. Borse Burberry outlet