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Brainstorm Introduces At AES Amsterdam New Version 2.1 DCD-8 / VSG-4

Pictured is the new 2.1 Brainstorm DCD-8 Word Clock Distripalyzer and Hi-Res VSG-4 Video Sync Generator at Solid State Logic in Oxford, England.

Brainstorm, the world leader in synchronization solutions, is introducing May 17 at AES Amsterdam the new version 2.1 for the company’s acclaimed DCD-8 Word Clock Distripalyzer with low-jitter VSG-4 Video Sync Generator. With this new version and new drivers, a Mac or a PC can be referenced to the DCD-8 via the 1394 connector and Fire Wire audio can be routed through the DCD-8 providing 2-way audio conversion with AES/EBU, S/PDIF or ADAT.

New DCD-8 / VSG-4 software optimizes and accelerates functionality, including analyzation of selected inputs for frequency measurement and phase coherence, as well as greatly expanded user pre-set operation. The combination of the DCD-8 and the VSG-4 delivers a complete solution for all sync requirements in the post-production, recording and broadcast environments.

Niall Feldman, Director of Product Marketing at Solid State Logic, remarked: “The DCD-8 with the VSG-4 module is at the heart of the latest developments to our PDA (Product Demonstration Area). With a range of new products designed for High Definition production, we needed a flexible and reliable solution to the challenge of generating the myriad combination of tri-level video sync and digital audio references that new HD standards require. The DCD-8/VSG-4 combination is a perfect solution to these demanding needs.”

20th Century Fox, a leader in the world of blockbuster film music and audio post-production, recently installed DCD-8 / VSG-4 units in its Newman Scoring Stage. “The Brainstorms are my primary video sync source,” explains Denis St. Amand, Assistant Chief Engineer of Fox Studios Operations. “Nothing else allows me to run with multiple video rigs. The box is unique in that it does everything at once.”

With the DCD-8 /VSG-4, up to 4 different sync formats can be generated simultaneously through the 4 BNC outputs, 2 HD and 2 SD. The VSG-4 operates either as a master sync generator or genlocked to any of the references available to the DCD-8: Video (HD or SD), Word Clock, Digital Audio (AES/EBU, S/PDIF, FireWire, ADAT) or GPS.

Post Haste Sound, one of the busiest audio post houses on LA’s West Side, has installed the DCD-8 / VSG-4. Lead remastering engineer Randall Smith explains: “Before the Brainstorm we had a separate Word Clock generator, a separate NTSC black burst generator and another PAL black burst generator. Each job was a patch bay hassle, but now we can work from one source and greatly simplify our entire operation.”

Santa Monica’s POP Sound, a leader in the creative audio post-production arena, recently installed dual DCD-8 / VSG-4’s. POP chief engineer Nick Garside explained “Today’s studio needs to be flexible and do whatever it needs to do, while still genlocked to house sync. The beauty of the Brainstorm system is that it can gearbox any sample rate or frame rate from any reference input.”

Grammy(r) and Emmy(r) Award-winning engineer/producer Nathaniel Kunkel has chosen Brainstorm as the master clock for his entire recording studio. “I needed a word clock generator/distributor with enough outputs to drive all of my equipment, run at 192K and sound really good. I haven’t heard anything else that provides the feature set and sound quality of the Brainstorm”

The VSG-4/DCD-8 combination provides great flexibility, as audio can be locked to video or vice-versa. While many different rates can be generated simultaneously, a single sync reference can operate an entire audio/video installation. Designed for operations ranging from audio recording studios to large post-production houses and major broadcast facilities, the DCD-8 offers the most comprehensive package for all clocking needs, providing versatility in the widest range of applications.

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See the Brainstorm VSG-4 / DCD-8 at – AES Amsterdam, Stand # 1214