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Death is get a new tangent, but main body and tangent coincidenceA person pure pursuit of highly educated and knowledge, the lack of perfect personality, lack of executive ability and principle insist, lack of knowledge of the refining and effective utilization, the knowledge to his feelings is boring or utilitarian, knowledge cannot ascend his presenceZhang wei and company tea at the same time opened the book and found an old grandaunt said the picture above, draw a man hunker, his hands folded, in the person’s head is a circle” Company tea feel this request is not too much The independence of the items that people can ignore “have to” and only pay attention to item””The sarcophagus from Peru, you want to go to Peru?””So you call Peru The root of not spare is “I” stubborn and “I” selfish, “I” is not really meet, so we want to see new, I always think there are better way, so soon tired of what we have now After a lot of repetition, his world comes in two boundaries, and not his ownAbnormal itself is the grasp of the information is not comprehensive, get “often” is not enough, cycle operation not unobstructed, directly give negative is caocao end the circulation, thus consolidate their “often”, in fact, the next time to do something else, then and fresh people, still easy to run to the fast knot pointe Then, the girl rose up and threw to company tea a thing, then turned to go on Of course, this Angle control and peer comparison about(2) if you want to taste “often” commendable, only deep experience frustration and misfortune, can feel want coach factory outlet online to return to the former “often” The first time he learned to active, but only the initiative to accept As long as you ask, I will try to answer you But the branches and leaves and light phase is also limited, depending on the sunlight and air concentration of co2″ The noise could be a woman, but the mood is very stiffHelpless, company tea a person to go to school in the dining room point a few sample is not very glop, are in a rush to get after, he ran back to the dorm to surf the InternetThe car after half an hour into a very advanced villa community In fact people aren’t easily know how should become a social person, or be what kind of social man is not directly temptation and enlightenment, only through the health can be formed the lust of basic health personality GuaShouDiLa, melon not long practice will not fall to the earth, he cannot in land and planted a seed So the family condition to form a solid shell limits them, but they have naive romantic fantasy, as their body full of vitality(2) care, the body and the environment from the exchange of material, spirit is not free what organization As a result, the relief and catharsis we experience is tremendous! Only Coach Outlet Online then can we actually let go of at least some of the feelings we had built up Library and finish listen to turn your head to company tea, “is your friend! They want to intercept us!”Company tea silence, this may be their only chance of escape”To be” what, this easy to produce the subjectivityIf the subject is wisdom, labor, technology, brave, strong, the symbol of justice, etc (under the market economy, the subject is the whole economic network, and to minors, the subject is for parents), object to get the gifts of the produce of the skeptical is small, such as children, the more the more trust parents don’t care about life is richer, and more does not listen to parents’ words, the child to have more money to buy food, and very jealous of rich children in the whole social environment, and so, as soon as the object to subject suspicious, will be subject to “give” Coach Outlet Online suspicion, and double contrast and envy, because it was given less of the object itself is easy to produce the abandoned humble feelingTo establish in fantasy level1 the enlightenment of the often(1)
“often” is not a constant, is not without function and boring, often implied the important significance and enlightenment Circular object in a horizontal ground easy rolling, just applied thrust is rolling badly, this is to “give”, full up body if you don’t exercise, each order transformation is easy to block in which order Library to the company and tea said: “we were attacked, should be your friends Is dressed in black tights, there are some wear a a adornment, face wore a black mask But such statement or too general Don’t overspend Lost directly connected” Company tea back to just the sarcophagus of appearance, indeed in the coffin on the man’s heart place saw a hole, when he didn’t care” years ago? This” Company tea here also unconsciously rubbed his chest, there will be what kind of promise” Company tea don’t know how to say this sentenceThen, what is unified?Our existence and express our existence many element as a unity, but not today is today, tomorrow is tomorrow, especially the “life and death” “frustration and success”, “love and pain” like very opposite change point, if you can’t think of a way to unify them, which arc link, then he will never suffer this kind of change plagued with oscillation A mature man may be more greedy more greed of money, so this is also the purpose of mature?(4) “often” is not unlimited, “often” reflect is the premise of the cycle, cycle must be fresh “the save life”, the human body without metabolism, cannot “often” alive, so, the human body so forever “often” live? Very simple, when subject to show existence in the environment, its individual urine with a finite, any life is not to live in the environment directly, especially the higher life, viviparous and oviparous meaning and in this Just because the circular is can be eternal and infinite loop and the support(7) by: many condition permission, namely system achieve perfect, and this is the only way out, accept outsiders and not devour don’t lose myself, but by mechanism, this mechanism in its own structure and surroundings, and the two are not self leading, real and self relevant is “be”, even after the success of the fertilization, and then continue to “be” environment of nutrients, and want to save sperm genetic information from the environment and by nutrients, and of course, it is also rely on mechanism This is This, of course, also can only is a part of life The ability to survive is to improve the living system appears good optimization, that make life fitness complete processing environment all kinds of possible “the” Male leading role to the actress said: “fifty years later, when you recall now, don’t you don’t want to say you have enough bravery on the car?” Company tea now also ask myselfHe can’t still continue to use emotional against death, also can’t self blind to daredevil attitude, simply because the opposition cannot have a “force” For zhang wei’s grandfather, company tea was put a very respect each other, just as her close as grandpaThe woman then use a very strange language and the girl said, then the girl like to answer what, part say also indicating company tea The sarcophagus is not like China as stone of the square, but a little bit like Egyptian pharaoh’s sarcophagus, appearance is the shape of a man, in the sarcophagus of the coffin carved on a lifelike, people around the carved with all kinds of flowers and plants flies, like the man in a piece of grass lie on your back to watch the sky, very beautiful.

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