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Woman at home, with the mother about this matter, mother with a sigh and said to me, daughter, mother although can understand you and elsewhere, but friends for so many years I had a bitter day, do you really want to good, they are our situation worse, you later how to face the large family ah, what time can you cook s ah the mother-in-law mother-in-law more than 70 years old, father-in-law died eight children have no one to take her away, she was in a mother-in-law home stay is ten years, she had not said anything, has been quietly wait on the forehead of the old man, the husband married his eldest brother, 2 elder brother also in college that day I saw mother’s tears, I know mother is for my good, but, I can’t because of the poor, the husband with husband break up ah, so I decided to brave went into the house, the poor home On the wedding day, I have no marriage gauze, I don’t have a car, even a photographic didn’t please, I took the mother-in-law shaking hands pass over 200 yuan, the old man wept bitterlyToo much touching beautiful moment, too much truth companions daysHundreds of day and night, and now will leave soon, from now on the two opposite, and tears flowed in the back of the happy face, this may be a kind of torture!Pain, like a needle in the thorn, cone heart pain, pain to forget his body in where,Cry, fragile soul can not stand parting combustion, at that time was a stream of tearsIf you shed tears can also get lost season, if the melting snow can also restore and piecing together your gentle appearance, if time can be able to come back to me, I will be in full bloom of the starting point for you, for me, for that kind of pure feelings lit a piece of beautiful beautiful colour – even if, even ventured ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~Has been parked in your gentle eyes, feel a light feelings, always miss you short blessing, realize a gentle care, you are in my heart that a wisp of sunshine, warm and hope that this feeling let me, such as release burthen! In the future and life is full of hope and dreams, I’d meet you in the light of combustion, even a moment of bloom, one minute of be sentimentally attached to ~ ~I don’t know, I how to do ability to let those beautiful memories become forever? I don’t know, I how to do ability to let those unforgettable memory into eternal? Maybe those people and things are a flash in the pan, and I just want to wait for, waiting for an unpredictable futureThe people around full of laughter, constantly cry, my heart is in a corner of the crowd, travelling, roll, wandering ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~Maybe, good things is always short, after the noise will be lonely, when the fireworks dies, lonely still! Open snow, silent night! Everything back to the original quiet! The wind in the leaves and spins reminded sad back! After the flashing light dark all the sadness!With the children, do the husband, and cars sped, row loose the direction of the wind! I was lost in the dark memories!At the moment, as if I was in the dark and soul, in the home and wander Pai between HuaiThe husband but ask me: “you said I like? Say like is wrong, said don’t like lying, I silence is good”?I kept silent, quietly lying down, tossing Once more than a decade ago, I and husband is also a lot of people envy, handsome and beautiful walked in the street, and they cast to praise eyes, but, I figure but as the growth of the age began to get fat, fortunately, tall hide the slightly uplift XiaoDu of pork, people often kua I said you are blessed, much more rich than before, I cry So I helplessly took the pieces of beef and put it in the fish tank, the present scene let shocked and let me fear And her mother was half this heart is wanton spread I really want to on the girl’s parents said: don’t give children gorgeous appearance, but also to give him a the most beautiful heart, not only pay attention to children learn how to, the more important thing is she and he should have very good morality and virtue, let her happy also want to let his physical and mental health, I want to say to the girl, and beautiful flowers, once gave birth to bug, tooLet the sunshine should be the inner world of the write full dark that will only hurt you LuoMing in a reunion feast by stimulation, for clues before, now is not the officer is to make a fortune, a glossy shiny, very air Father suddenly excited, I fell a long while: no flowers, don’t move back!His wife shoving the withered banyan on the balcony, looking at the distance of the small trees, like a lost fresh look old man, so helpless No can do, is to send in spirit No can Coach Outlet Online do, is to send in spirit Q: In 1995 the landmark U Financial tools can bring creative solutions, as can technology Cut into chunks, put in the pot cooking or in the water boiled, and a little sugar, taste very sweet, very soft melt in your mouth To tell the truth, the dog is too common But the travel time, live farm small courtyard, eat a full of the flavor of rural farmhouse meal is the best enjoyment Old too fast, a bit faster let I can’t believe it The rice finish, it is still early, it is suggested that to sing, small wong has little interest in, everybody said to teahouse play CARDS, by the way messageSo, every morning coach factory outlet and evening, when the road, will the two dogs Men of letters, a paint and ink to portray the heavy mature age She never listen to my “good comfort,” she said this is goodness, kindness and wrong? I at that time has no languageAt that time came a little girl, coach factory outlet online look ten years or so, with his daughter, a girl as long is very beautiful, big eyes, long eyelashes, firm two ponytail, standing in front of my daughter and I looked at us, I don’t understand of looking at her, don’t know what she want to express will, thought that she can not find my mother, he asked: “little baby, you have?” See the girl loudly of say: “I want to take this chair!” I’m from the chair down, want to come forward to picked up the girl let her daughter and sit together, who know the child’s words made me surprised: “you don’t touch me, I just want to sit down, and you let her down?” At that time the daughter angry of say, why should you sit down, this is not your house ` ` ` ` ` ` ` I busy stare at her daughter, my daughter did not talk, but I saw her in the eyes of the injustice in tears, I know it’s not to blame for her daughter She shares her passion for achieving the political, economic and social empowerment of women in this interview Because they are simple and easy to meet, know how to Thanksgiving, honest Abe Opening these cards, the satisfaction wasnt just in the Peace on Earth greeting, but in the recognition that a distant friend or relative you hadnt heard from in a year was still thinking about you, and maybe sharing news about major events of the past 12 months In 2000, baby number ones chubby smiling face in a Santa hat was the cover image

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