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DHDI | Delta H Design, Inc. Announces ZR Acoustics® at NAMM 2017

[Marina Del Rey, CA] – Delta H Design, Inc. (DHDI) the leader in Quantum Acoustics™ announces Mastering Quality Acoustics at two locations on the 2017 NAMM Convention Floor.  ZR Acoustics® quantum devices will be featured with Genelec Speakers (Hall B booth 5876) and Mojave Audio Microphones (Hall B booth 6979).

Two ZR MicroTwins at Mojave Audio create a mini Quantum Vocal Booth in conjunction with Mojave’s critically acclaimed MA-1000.  David Royer’s interpretation of the Telefunken 251 has been widely received by “golden ear” engineers like Alan Meyerson. Royer, Principal Designer at Mojave Audio and Royer Labs, is well-known for his iconic ribbon microphone designs and reinterpretations of classic Neumann Microphones.  ZR MicroTwins are essentially two precisely designed ZR Micros into one slim package, yet twice the effective surface area of the original ZR Micro.  The audible experience is described as “….dramatic with Extraordinary Definition, Clarity, and Life-like Imaging.”

Quantum  SR8+’s and MicroTwins in a custom configuration at Genelec’s Wall of Sound, create a quantum environment to accurately showcase their Legendary Studio Monitors.  Genelec, a highly esteemed ProAudio company known for their Studio Monitors and active speaker systems, is showcasing three sets of monitors with the ZR’s Mastering Quality Acoustics using thin, economic quantum devices, designed to create Life-Like Imaging using Extreme Acoustic Resolution to dramatically increase Phase Coherency and reduce unwanted reflections.

The ZR SR8+ (perhaps DHDI’s most popular product), features an Extreme Acoustic Resolution of > 315 Non-Parallel Surfaces per sq ft. (NPS/sq.ft.) with a thin, elegant, aesthetically pleasing form factor available in a wide variety of colors and textiles.  The ZR MicroTwin is the 3rd Generation ZR Micro with Extreme Acoustic Resolution (>140 NPS/sq.ft.) and twice the effective coverage of the first Generation Micro’s.

Features and Benefits of ZR Acoustics®:

  • Mastering Quality Acoustics
  • Life-Like Imaging and Clarity with Extraordinary Definition
  • Extreme Acoustic Resolution: 140+ NPS/ft2
  • Easy Setup, Lightweight & Ultra-Thin
  • Quantum Acoustics™ Technology
  • Elegant Aesthetics:  Hundreds of Pre-Approved Acoustical Textiles

ZR Acoustics® Products are sold directly through DHDI, or through authorized dealers.  Please contact DHDI for more details and purchasing.  For more information about DHDI at NAMM 2017, please visit our website

DHDI | Delta H Design, Inc.                            (310) 581-2331                                  [email protected]