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DPA Microphones Amplified Multimedia Collaboration During the Scheherazade Project

BROOKLYN, NY, AUGUST 15, 2016 – Described as a multimedia song cycle inspired by the legendary Persian queen, storyteller and feminist icon Scheherazade, “The Scheherazade Project” is a curated concert that debuted at the New York Electro-Acoustic Music Festival (NYCEMF). The performance, which featured the works of critically acclaimed string quartet PUBLIQuartet in conjunction with indie rock duo HOLLANDS and visual artist Amy Khoshbin, spun the collection of tales from the classic “One Thousand and One Nights.” During the project, PUBLIQuartet utilized DPA Microphones’ d:vote™ 4099 Instrument Microphones for Violin and Cello.

Having first discovered DPA in 2013, the musicians in PUBLIQuartet quickly fell in love with the microphones. “We were impressed with the quality of the microphones, so when we received the commission from the Sphinx Organization to make “The Scheherazade Project” a reality, we knew we needed to use DPA,” says Jannina Norpoth, violinist for PUBLIQuartet. “DPA greatly enhances our sound and comfort on stage, and the mics seamlessly integrate our acoustic instruments with the sound of the electric instruments and other electronics. The d:vote™ 4099 mics are great for amplifying acoustic instruments without feedback or distortion of the instruments’ natural sound.”

Described as a multimedia collaboration of sight and sound, this special project integrated rock-n-roll and classical music by merging electronic and acoustic compositions. “It’s great to know that we can collaborate with a variety of instruments and control our sound,” adds Norpoth. “The d:vote™ mics allow us to enhance the audience experience in unconventional venues that don’t otherwise have great acoustics.

“Using microphones that do not scuff the finish off our instruments is a huge plus, as using pickups could potentially damage our instruments and ultimately provides a poor sound,” continues Norpoth. “We will definitely continue to use them in venues where we benefit from amplification, or when we collaborate with other artists or play compositions that involve live or pre-recorded electronics. We already have plans to use our DPA mics during our performance at the Detroit Jazz Festival in September. They really are the best microphones around.”

In addition to Norpoth on violin, PUBLIQuartet features cellist Amanda Gookin, violinist Curtis Stewart and violist Nick Revel. The group, which has been performing together since 2010, presents creative, interactive programming and brings a fresh perspective to classical music. They currently hold the prestigious title of “Quartet in Residence” at the Metropolitan Museum of Art for the 2016-2017 season and have won many awards, including several from the Concert Artists’ Guild and the 2015 CMA/ASCAP Award for “Adventurous Programming.”


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