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FXpansion Releases Dan Foord Polyrhythmic Metal BFD3 Groove Pack

Over 500 new progressive, modern and technical metal grooves

LONDON, UK (August 11, 2016) – Audio software developer FXpansion and drummer Dan Foord (Sikth, Krokodil) are proud to announce the availability of Dan Foord Polyrhythmic Metal, a BFD3 Groove Pack loaded with progressive, modern and technical metal grooves. Dan Foord Polyrhythmic Metal contains more than enough grooves and fills for any songwriter to quickly create fully authentic metal drum tracks.

(Click image for video overview)

With over 500 grooves in total, each of the included 26 palettes contains related grooves and fills to help you construct drum tracks quickly and efficiently. Each groove features techniques Dan regularly uses, including:

● Beat displacement and modulation

● Related tempo and time signatures

● Varied orchestration

● Ghost note grooves

● Paradiddle and linear fills

● Single stroke rolls

“I wanted to create a BFD Groove Pack that would be instantly identifiable as modern tech metal.” Says Foord, who has been at the forefront of progressive metal drumming for more than a decade.  “Polyrhythms in particular form the basis of this style and 3 over 4 most of all. I can honestly say you won’t find a more comprehensive set of 3 over 4 polyrhythmic grooves and fills anywhere.”

BFD3 is the third generation of FXpansion’s flagship software acoustic drum studio delivers new levels of detail and realism with stunning new kits, mix-ready presets and modeling technology for tom resonance and cymbal swells. The revamped interface has a new mixer and sound browser for the easiest BFD experience yet.

Dan Foord Polyrhythmic Metal is available to purchase and download directly from FXpansion for USD $39.00 here:

Note that Dan Foord Polyrhythmic Metal requires a registered copy of BFD3 which is available to purchase as a download or boxed USB version from FXpansion for USD $349.00 here:

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