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INDIANAPOLIS, IN — Recording on the road is never an easy feat, especially on a limited budget. With the help of Auralex Acoustics, Healing Sixes, a noted-rock and roll band, did just that for its third album, One Less Friend to Ignore. The album was recorded over a three-year period in several different locations.

The major concern with recording in multiple destinations is creating a consistent sound. This is where Auralex Acoustics, the industry leader in innovative sound control solutions, stepped in to heal the sound nuances throughout the recording process through its mobile line of products.

Healing Sixes, which consists of members Doug Henthorn on vocals and lead guitar, Eric Saylors on Guitar and backing vocals, Wade Parish on drums and Jeff Stone on bass, brought several Auralex products on the road with it to record in a recital hall and a warehouse. Also, most of guitars and vocals were cut at Doug Henthorn‘s home.

“We went from a big-dollar budget and production schedule to doing everything ourselves,” says Doug Henthorn. “No matter what environment, Auralex helped us achieve a consistent sound and feel for the track – without it sounding like we recorded it all over the place.”

Auralex‘s MAX-Wall kits were used to make the recital hall/warehouse sound smaller throughout the recording process as well as to create a triangular vocal booth. The MAX-Wall Mobile Acoustical Environment (Mobile Absorptive eXpandable) is an ideal solution for recording on the road because you don‘t have to physically mount the products to the wall. Users can also add additional MAX-Wall acoustic panels as their acoustical needs grow and/or change. MAX-Wall‘s proprietary, patent-pending design offers excellent broadband control of sound waves throughout the room, with a Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) of 1.05.

Healing Sixes turned to Auralex‘s ISO Series™ (Instant Sound Optimizers), specifically engineered line of products that address problems associated with individual sound sources. The HoverDeck enabled the band to create high-definition drum sounds, the GRAMMA gave the group a true response from the guitar rig and the AuralXpanders reduced frustration from off-axis bleed into the microphones. AuralXpanders gave Healing Sixes a high degree of control by providing the capability to filter out undesirable external overtones, which was essential throughout their multi-location recording.

Healing Sixes formed in Indianapolis in the winter of 1998 and set out on a mission to make music that they would still want to hear in 20 years. Healing Sixes opened for several Jason Bonham Band shows in 1999. Jason, the son of Led Zeppelin drummer John Bonham, was so impressed by the Sixes‘ set that after the tour was over, he disbanded his own group to join Healing Sixes as its drummer and in 2000, the band released its first CD, Maple. Healing Sixes‘ second CD, Enormosound, was released with the help of Kevin “caveman” Shirley (Black Crowes and Aerosmith).

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