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L-Acoustics Launches LA4X Amplified Controller

L-Acoustics in Oxnard, Calif., has added the LA4X (price TBA) to its amplified controller series. The LA4X amplified controller is based on a 4-input by 4-output architecture combining the benefits of self-powered speaker packages with the flexibility of outboard DSP and amplification. The speaker management and amplification for L-Acoustics systems can operate in three different connectivity modes.

L-Acoustics describes the LA4X as a “green” product. It relies on a universal switch mode power supply suitable for mains from 90 to 265 volts. The SMPS features Power Factor Correction, which maximizes the amplifier efficiency and takes advantage of nearly 100 percent of the electrical power available with a very high tolerance to unstable mains. Class-D amplification circuits ensure the LA4X energy-efficiency for minimal heat dissipation. LA4X delivers 4x 1,000W RMS power at 8 ohms (or 4 ohms) with record hold times.

The LA4X inputs are available in analog or digital format. Four cascaded 24-bit A/D converters at the front-end yield an encoding dynamic of 130 dB. AES/EBU digital inputs operate with sample rate converters from 44.1 kHz to 192 kHz. Fallback functions make the creation of redundant audio paths possible.

A dedicated engineering approach combining IIR and FIR filters are designed to generate perfectly linearized phase curves and significantly improved impulse responses. The pool of eight IIR and three FIR filters, the Array Morphing tool and the 1,000 ms of delay per channel allow the amplified controller to act as an EQ station and cover the room tuning tasks without the need for external processing. The L-Drive protection system carries out a dual analysis of signal level in real-time and RMS.

The design of complex systems is made possible by the integration of the L-Net Ethernet-based network. Thanks to its high-speed data transfer protocol of 100 Mbit per second, up to 253 units can be controlled and monitored in real-time by the LA Network Manager software.

For third party management solutions, L-Acoustics provides SNMP support to facilitate the integration via third party control and monitoring systems. As a certified member of the Crestron and AMX partner programs, L-Acoustics also provides software modules allowing control integration into their automation systems for the convenience of ultimate technology lifestyle in cultural and event centers, universities, houses of worship and sport facilities.

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