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ST. PAUL, MN, January 14, 2008 – McNally Smith College of Music is expanding its repertoire with the introduction of its new Bachelor of Science in Music (Music Producer) degree, offering students an all-encompassing education on each facet of the music industry. It recently received national accreditation from the National Association of Schools and Music. Slated for availability in the fall 2008 semester, the Bachelor of Science in Music (Music Producer) degree is designed to offer a universal education within one major that focuses on all areas critical to the music industry.

The comprehensive four-year degree will require 120 credits, 30 of which will be general education, and the rest comprised of a range of studies that cover music writing, arranging, history, marketing, merchandising, contract law, copyright and music publishing. It will also entail a year of M I D I curriculum and three semesters at a few of the college‘s unprecedented 12 recording studios where they will also learn how to work with its two new SSL Duality consoles.

“McNally Smith College of Music‘s new Bachelor of Science in Music degree, which includes an emphasis on the music producer, is unique in that it reflects an old-school approach to music that combines business with musicianship, reminiscent of, let‘s say, a Quincy Jones style,” explains McNally Smith College of Music Dean of Academic Affairs, Cliff Wittstruck, who was responsible for building the program‘s criteria and curriculum.

Having selected McNally Smith College of Music as his school of choice for pursuing the profession of music producer, Jaime Thompson of Mason City, Iowa says that the new degree is among the many attractive offerings that set it apart from other schools. “When I was researching music colleges, I went with McNally Smith because it promotes student creativity and offers 12 impressive, professional-quality recording studios, two of which feature SSL Duality consoles,” says Thompson. “Unlike other schools, McNally Smith also allows students access to its studios without requiring instructor supervision, which gives us creative control. By offering a degree program that covers all there is to know about the music industry within one major, we are given a unique advantage by having the tools and knowledge necessary for working within all areas of the industry, which will help me secure a long and successful music career.”

Wittstruck says the Bachelor of Science in Music (Music Producer) program reinforces McNally Smith College of Music‘s commitment to helping students achieve an enriched and active life in music. “Through this new degree program, our next generation of music professionals will be equipped with all there is to know about the industry from A to Z.” He continues, “Rather than fostering experts in just one area, these students will enter the music realm as musicians and entrepreneurs who are technologically adept with strong business acumen and a genuine understanding about music and how it relates to culture. This universal perspective provides an advantageous musical versatility that can be easily applied to various avenues within the music profession, which helps to ensure life-long careers within this constantly shifting industry.”

The Bachelor of Science in Music (Music Producer) is the fourth degree program to join McNally Smith College of Music‘s roster of major studies. Its other programs, which are more area specific, are its Bachelors of Music in Performance, Bachelors of Music in Composition and Bachelor of Arts in Music Business.

Founded in 1985, McNally Smith College of Music is devoted to excellence in music industry higher education and in developing music industry professionals. An accredited institutional member of the National Association of Schools of Music, McNally Smith College of Music offers music degrees and programs in Recording Technology, Music Business, Music Performance and Composition. With more than 500 students and a 92-member faculty, McNally Smith College of Music students get a personalized music education that combines cutting edge technology with musical artistry and includes wide access to research tools, real world knowledge and great performance facilities. McNally Smith alumni are working all over the world.

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