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Salt Lake City – September 18, 2013 – Mozaex™, the premiere manufacturer of multi-room Blu-ray entertainment servers and peripherals, announced today it will ship the new BLUWAVS™ FIJI 7.1 Headphones in October. BLUWAVS FIJI are groundbreaking 7.1 HD Audio headphones that include the first HDMI 7.1 headphone receiver. The company will be demonstrating BLUWAVS and their entire product line of Blu-ray entertainment servers during the 2013 CEDIA Expo, held at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver from Sept. 26 – 28, booth 1810.

BLUWAVS are first to support discrete HDMI 7.1 HD Audio Movies, Music, Games and TV

“After several years of development, I am pleased to announce that Mozaex is beginning shipments of the first headphones to support HDMI 7.1 discrete surround HD Audio,” said Mozaex CEO Douglas Kihm. “BLUWAVS are also the first headphones to include a ‘Blender’ receiver which allows users to easily fine-tune the volume levels of its ten discrete speakers to meet their personal surround sound preferences.”

BLUWAVS are designed to dramatically enhance the listening experience when privately enjoying movies, music, games and TV shows. BLUWAVS uniquely deliver a more immersive, enveloping sound by delivering the original uncompromised 7.1 channels of master studio quality, HD Audio. Traditional stereo headphones can only play 7.1 or 5.1 audio that has been down-mixed to two channels. The Blender receiver is designed to deliver optimum discrete speaker dynamic range, equalization and amplification which results in incomparable surround sound discreteness, clarity, and spatiality.

The BLUWAVS Blender allows the listener to instantly select their own personal audio profile for the richest, most enveloping surround sound experience. For example, the volume levels of the 10 discrete speakers and the bass boost level of the front speakers can be adjusted to create a warmer, deeper bass sound, or adjust the center and rear levels for louder movie dialogue and greater spatial effects.

BLUWAVS are perfect for those who own a luxury home theater or music listening room in a close quarters home, condo, apartment, or yacht and they want to hear the absolute best surround sound quality, even at full volume without disturbing others.

BLUWAVS are also essential for audio production engineers who need to listen to the discrete audio tracks of a movie, song or game as they are mixing the tracks individually or concurrently.

BLUWAVS Blender headphone receiver allows personalization of listening preferences

The Blender receiver includes a handheld remote control that can select a Blu-ray player, media server, CD or SACD player, game console, TV tuner, or other source via its (3) HDMI, (2) SPDIF, and (2) analog stereo inputs. The Blender has several remote control adjustable audio settings while the music or movie is playing including selectable pre-amp volumes and audio modes such as DTS®-HD Master Audio, Dolby TrueHD and Dolby ProLogic IIx, among others. Six front panel dials allow you to select the preferred volume levels of the front, sub, center, surround and rear 7.1 channels.

“This product has been a lifelong dream of mine,” said Kihm. “Many people like me want to enjoy a movie without disturbing others and relegating to mediocre two-channel stereo quality. BLUWAVS adjustable discrete volume levels are the perfect solution for those who like me with a hearing loss since you no longer need to turn on the sub-tittles to understand what they are saying. I’m hoping that once music producers listen to these headphones that a renaissance of HD surround music will be born.”

Added Kihm, “Over the past three years, we have worked with industry experts to design BLUWAVS to combine comfort with the clearest, most immersive 7.1 HD Audio for watching movies and listening to music. We are proud to have received the 2012 CEPro Best Award for BLUWAVS.”

BLUWAVS high powered vibration subwoofers eliminate headphone pressure and discomfort

Unlike traditional dynamic diaphragm 60 milliwatt speakers, BLUWAVS utilize high wattage surface conduction, vibration subwoofers. Driven by discrete 3-watt amplifiers the vibration speakers deliver high fidelity sound waves that you can literally feel. While traditional low powered headphones require a tight fit onto the listener’s ears that results in pressure, heat, and discomfort, the high-powered vibration speaker based BLUWAVS rest lightly on the listeners ears with little pressure, heat, or discomfort. BLUWAVS have soft leather over the ear cushions and weigh less than one pound.

BLUWAVS patent pending HDMI technology addresses a unique niche in a fast growing market

While the market for stereo music and gaming headphones continues to experience high growth with over $7 billion in global headphone sales, an un-served market exists for headphones with support for uncompromised 5.1 and 7.1 channel surround sound media, such as Blu-ray, SACD, games, and TV.

In spite of a general slowdown in consumer electronics, worldwide sales for headphones continue to experience rapid growth. As reported on February 6, 2012 by Gfk at the BADA (British Audio-Visual Dealers Association), UK sales of headphones are up 26.4 percent in value with a total UK headphone market “worth more than £163m which is equal to the ENTIRE market for hi-fi and home cinema sectors which has fallen to a 20-year low of £167m”.

Industry market trends indicate that the consumer demand for premium quality headphones continues to grow. BLUWAVS patent pending technology uniquely addresses the un-served premium quality, surround sound sector of the fast growing headphone market.

Only BLUWAVS delivers HDMI 7.1 HD Audio to a discrete set of speakers which allows the listener to experience the full audio bandwidth of a Blu-ray movie, SACD, or DVD surround sound album or game.

Most of the surround sound headphones are limited to supporting lower quality standard definition audio over USB or SPDIF interfaces while others offer “virtual audio technology” that attempts to create virtual 5.1 SD Audio using conventional two-speaker stereo headphones.

Only BLUWAVS support an HDMI interface which is required to deliver true discrete 7.1 HD Audio.

BLUWAVS meet dealer needs for a truly unique, value-added product

Kihm continued, “BLUWAVS offers our network of custom home electronic dealers the opportunity to expand their sales with a truly unique, value-added product. BLUWAVS are the perfect add-on peripheral to any mid to high-end home theater project.”

BLUWAVS meets MDU client needs for an unobtrusive way to enjoy HD quality entertainment

BLUWAVS offers a great opportunity to dealers to meet the growing needs of millions of people that live in condominiums and other Multiple Dwelling Units (MDUs), who are constrained from loudly playing their movies, music, and games on their home theater system. For example, in Europe, 50 percent of people live in MDUs. The United States has more than a third of all residents living in approximately five million MDU buildings with many owning mid- to high-end home theaters.

BLUWAVS are first to deliver DTS HD Master, Dolby TrueHD and LPCM HD quality audio

Blu-ray Disc® revolutionized home theater with its 1080p video and 7.1 HD quality audio formats. BLUWAVS 7.1 HD Audio delivers bit rates up to 27 Mbps which is 18 times the quality of standard definition stereo formats. BLUWAVs patent pending technology universally supports all popular HD Audio formats and interfaces, including DTS® HD Master and Dolby® TrueHD HD Audio and LPCM.

BLUWAVS are a perfect complement to the company’s BLUWAVS MUSIC store which includes more than 600,000 CD quality albums and soon hundreds of SACD 5.1 surround sound HD Audio albums.

USA and Canadian Pricing (Contact Mozaex for International pricing)

BLUWAVS FIJI includes a single FIJI headset and Blender receiver which supports one or two headsets. Additional FIJI Headsets are sold separately.

BLUWAVS FIJI Headset Only – $1,595

Availability – BUWAVS FIJI Headphones are shipping October 2013.

Contact Information

Mozaex USA: 3785 South 700 East Salt Lake City Utah 84106
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About Mozaex

Mozaex is a leading manufacturer of Blu-ray® 3D Entertainment Servers, 7.1 HD Audio Headphones and the distributor of over 600,000 CD quality downloadable and streamable albums.

The Mozaex Server is a multi-room media server that loads, stores and instantly delivers, Blu-ray and DVD movies, CD music, photos and online media including iTunes® and NetFlix®. BLUWAVS™ FIJI headphones are the world’s first 7.1 Discrete HD Audio headphones and BLUWAVS MUSIC offers the largest online selection of CD quality music.

Combining elegant operation with uncompromised reliability, service and quality, Mozaex has become the solution of choice for homes and yachts around the world. Mozaex has shipped more non-jukebox Blu-ray servers than any other company. Since introducing the world’s first multimedia entertainment server in 2004 and the first Blu-ray 3D server in 2010 the company has shipped over 8,500 units worldwide including a custom model exclusively for IMAX®. Mozaex products except for BLUWAVS are sold exclusively through a network of 750 dealers that are supported by eight US rep firms and 15 international distributors in 27 countries.

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