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The nail decorating in your blue heart show hand

Today you wearing makeup? Mac cosmetics wholesale onlne is your second face, make-up today?If you do not quickly hand, followed by mac cosmetics outlet store together learning simple nail tutorial to create a pair of exquisite show hand!
The first step is usually the first nail to the nail base oil, can play a protective role in nails. According to personal preferences, choose pink or pink nail polish evenly coated nail the front one-third, two coats Oh. Then use PULL pen dipped in a small amount of bare pink nail polish, then gently painted goblet before coating good on pink or pink nail polish, make cake texture effect. Selection of white nail polish brush evenly uncolored nails, according to personal preference, select a variety of light-colored sequins sequined white nail polish is not completely dry when one embedded in it, so you’re done.