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New Tattoo Masters with Paul Grundman at Bernie’s

The songwriting team of executive producer Richard Rudolph and engineer/producer Adam Berg have begun mastering a multiple artist project at Bernie Grundman's with mastering engineer Paul Grundman.

Richard Rudolph and Adam Berg Begin International Artist Project

Pictured (L-R) at Bernie Grundman’s are (L-R) producer/engineer Adam Berg, executive producer Richard Rudolph, and mastering engineer Paul Grundman. Photo by David Goggin.

The songwriting team of executive producer Richard Rudolph and engineer/producer Adam Berg have begun mastering a multiple artist project at Bernie Grundman’s with mastering engineer Paul Grundman.  As New Tattoo Entertainment, Rudolph and Berg operate out of Berg’s Manifest Music studios in Santa Monica, and are developing a roster of international artists in what Rudolph calls a new business model for the music and entertainment industries.

“Our new model is really just a better contextualization of music, wrapping music in story form,” explains Rudolph.  “Instead of just making music videos, we’re collaborating with the artists and producing music-driven content.  On the Internet right now, we see a gross imbalance of technology and business. Some music videos have half a billion views, and yet there’s no monetization, nobody makes any money from it. The songwriters don’t make any money, the publishers don’t make any money, and the artists don’t make any money. But somebody is making some money, right?”

Richard Rudolph is a multi-talented composer, guitarist, musician, songwriter, and producer. He was married to singer-songwriter Minnie Riperton and co-wrote many of her songs including her hits “Lovin’ You” (1974) and “Memory Lane” (1979). He was also the co-founder of Third Stone Records, an imprint distributed by Atlantic Records, which he owned alongside actor Michael Douglas. His son Marc is a recording engineer and his daughter Maya is a film and television actress, formerly a cast member on “Saturday Night Live.”

“It was such a joy, as always to be back at The House That Bernie Built,” commented Rudolph.  “Both Adam and I have quite wonderful histories with Bernie. We all go way back.  Adam and Paul met one day at the studio, and have worked extensively on many projects. One of the unique things about Paul is his ability to achieve or maintain a loud yet dynamic soundscape when working with hybridized musical arrangements and mix styles. His extensive knowledge of music history and love for his craft make the mastering process as easy as can be.”

Some of the artists New Tattoo are currently working with include New York’s Liza Colby and Mary Akpa and Los Angeles-based artists Redd Carter and Dustin Warren aka Godfrey At Large.  Rudolph and Berg are both signed with Music Sales, a worldwide publishing company with offices around the world.

“There are many filmmakers out there making great music videos,” Rudolph continues. “We are interested in taking this further, creating compelling story driven content that is actually sponsor-funded.  Our goal is to fulfill a lot of promises that the record labels are supposed to be doing: promoting the artists, disseminating the music, and finding new monetization sources. We’re using solid audio production and music-driven visual content to accomplish those goals.”

Rudolph proposes full long-form HD video/music productions that could also be presented as serialized episodes, leading to television pilots and serving as incubators for stage musicals.

“We hear so many people complaining about the state of the industry now, with new technology and distribution, but no significant revenue streams,” says Rudolph.  “The truth is, we think it’s like the Wild Wild West — there are all kinds of great opportunities, if you have a new formula for making and selling hits.”

Rudolph and Berg operate out of Manifest Music, a state-of-the-art production facility in Santa Monica with two mix rooms and one live room, offering tracking, mixing, mastering, dialogue, editing, music composition/production, format conversions, sound design, post production, and sound restoration.

Bernie Grundman Mastering in Hollywood operates six studios, including a 5.1 mastering room.  All processing devices can be completely bypassed, resulting in sonic quality that is unsurpassed in the mastering industry.  Virtually all digital and analog formats are accepted for mastering, with the facility providing high quality disk masters, and sub-masters for CD.  Grundman’s custom consoles are built in-house with all discrete electronics.

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