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Once a regional Mexican band, Grupo Firme are playing stadiums worldwide: 3G provides d&b loudspeakers.

ASHEVILLE, NC (10.27.22)—Grupo Firme is a Regional Mexican band based in Tijuana, Baja California that made its way from the underground music scene to the Billboard charts. They have received international recognition and nominations for a variety of awards. The band is currently on  its “Enfiestados y Amanecidos” Stadium and Arena Tour.  3G Productions is handling all production for the tour, which includes a d&b audiotechnik SL-Series loudspeaker system for the stadium portion that began at SoFi Stadium in LA in May and ended at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas in September.  The band will continue the tour in arenas for the rest of the year starting in October.

“It is a different ball game going into stadiums, and with this being the first time this band had played in these venues, it was essential we provide the best tool for the job,” states Keith Conrad, CEO, 3G Productions. “We chose d&b SL-Series as the backbone for the system as it checked all the boxes. The immense power in the GSL8/12 boxes allow it to cover a very large area as well as flexibility to push front of house further back than a typical arena or theater.  Further, we were able to only use one delay ring for some of the largest stadiums in the world. Lastly, we always took advantage of d&b’s amazing prediction software, ArrayCalc, to model each venue to ensure there was even coverage throughout.”

The band delivers more than just a typical concert. Each show contains many improvised elements to delight their fans. The show is approximately three hours long, and each performance varies depending on which audibles Eduin Caz, the lead singer and one of the two founding members, calls to the band during the performance. There are approximately 24 musicians on stage, usually a massive horn section of 18, along with guitars, bass, drums, and an accordion. In addition to the three lead singers, there are several other vocalists and a rotating crew of dancers.

SL-Series is well known for its well-behaved directivity control, extended low frequency response and advanced rigging options. GSL, the largest sibling of the family, sets a standard for power, accuracy, and control for the largest and most impactful of applications.

“The only complications we couldn’t fully resolve were sound reflections,” states Julio Valdez, System Engineer, 3G Productions. “There are many surfaces in a typical stadium that can’t be avoided due to neighboring audience areas, but the GSL shined in cutting through as much of the reflective decay as possible. We used ArrayProcessing on the mains and out fills on every show and it absolutely helped cut through the room reflections.”

The configuration of the system consists of 20 per side GSL cabinets for both mains and out fills, 4 x 16 each J-Series used as delays, 36 x SL-SUBs as a sub array (ground stacked), 32 x V-Series V10P point sources used for front fills, and D80 amplifiers to power the whole rig.

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PHOTO CREDIT: 3G Productions