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Our Carriage House Recording Studio Gallops Ahead with PhantomFocus™

Ron Flack’s Canton, Ohio studio installs the PhantomFocus (PFS™) System in its new DIY PhantomFocus MixRoom™-inspired facility.

Nashville, TN: In what has become an observable trend, some audio professionals who are not budgeted for a full design and implementation of a Carl Tatz Design PhantomFocus MixRoom™ with PFM Master Reference Monitors are opting instead for a do-it-yourself approach. When they purchase a Carl Tatz Design proprietary PhantomFocus™ System (which allows any monitors to perform to their true potential – in any room), they have access to ongoing consultation and advice from Tatz as the end user acoustically treats their own listening space. Once completed, the Carl Tatz Design installation crew comes to the facility and commissions the turnkey PhantomFocus system onsite, and the client still reaps the incredible power of PhantomFocus monitoring.

Engineer/producer and studio owner Ron Flack, guided by Carl Tatz Design’s suggestions for making their space acoustically PhantomFocus-ready after purchasing the company’s acclaimed PhantomFocus System for studio monitoring, had these comments: “It’s been awesome demonstrating the PhantomFocus System for our engineers and clients as they’ve come by the studio. I keep hearing comments like, ‘Immersive,’ ‘I can’t get over the imaging,’ and assorted curse words, usually when the vocal or bass drop happens. Personally, I feel like I can properly edit reverb tails without the use of earphones. In the short time I’ve adjusted mixes with the PFS, I’m getting much better translation from system to system.” Flack continues, “It was just a pleasure having Carl and Adam commission this amazing monitoring tool in our room. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I’m so grateful for the level of attention they put into every detail.” 

Studio designer and PhantomFocus System creator Carl Tatz reflects, “Ron is a textbook example of someone who experienced the PFS at one of our PF MixRooms™ and instantly knew he had never heard anything like it before and then found a way to make it happen in his existing space within his budget. As we’ve maintained, the PhantomFocus sweet spot is producible in a bedroom that has been made acoustically PFS-ready. Ron just went the extra mile for his commercial clients.”