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pigFACTORY Music Places “Happy Together” in TV Spot in China as Officially Licensed Piece of Synchronized Music

Los Angeles, CA, Aug 6, 2010 — Independent publishing and licensing company pigFACTORY Music, whose roster includes recordings and songs by Fatboy Slim, Iggy Pop, and Joan Jett & The Blackhearts, has successfully placed The Turtles’ classic ‘60s pop hit “Happy Togetherâ€? within a television commercial promoting the Smart Car in China. The placement marks one of the first-ever officially licensed pieces of synchronized music to be used in China. The announcement was made today by Keatly Haldeman, CEO, pigFACTORY Music.

In tandem with Jackie Subeck, CEO of the independent music rep company Footprint Worldwide, pigFACTORY worked on behalf of their joint client BBDO, Beijing, in placing “Happy Together� in the TV spot, which was produced in China and is now airing on Chinese television. pigFACTORY and Subeck also worked in association with Bug Music and Carlin Music, the

co-publishers of “Happy Together,� to fulfill this placement.

Said Adam Wolf, Senior Creative Director, pigFACTORY, “This is a huge step in the right direction for China, the world’s most populated country, to stop infringing on copyrights. We are confident that our company’s placement of ‘Happy Together’ in China will help further establish better communication between that massive market and music companies such as ourselves, who can offer the Chinese virtually unlimited quality music, across all genres, for any media project.�

Adds Subeck, “When BBDO China approached me, I knew that the key to this license was to make it very easy for the Chinese to move through the administrative process. China is starting to recognize how respecting international copyrights can open up an abundance of new opportunities to add great music to their creative productions. Adam Wolf at pigFACTORY immediately embraced this concept and quickly made the process as uncomplicated as possible.�

In the Smart Car spot, entitled “Open Your Mind,� we see a number of very attractive young men and women of all nationalities admiring more than a dozen Smart Cars in a dazzling range of colors as they whisk along against the a number of picturesque cityscape backgrounds. Everyone who drives, hugs or simply admires these Smart Cars is “happy� simply to be “together� with them. The end tag reads, “Smart. Open Your Mind. China.Smart.Com�


pigFACTORY Music Publishing specializes in the international placement of music in film, television, film trailers, advertising, and videogames, and in the collection of publishing royalties, worldwide. To that end, the company leverages an advanced digital publishing system to proactively exploit its clients’ music catalogues and track music publishing royalties, on a global scale. The company represents top songwriters, artists, record producers, labels, and publishers, with a roster of over 250,000 songs, including an extensive selection of classic hits.

pigFACTORY is one of the few independent publishers in the international marketplace to affiliate directly with a large number of royalty societies through-out the world. Via its direct memberships and partnerships, and by using state-of-the-art royalty software, pigFACTORY quickly and accurately registers its clients’ song catalogues with the publishing rights societies, and collects ‘at source’ in most major international territories.

The U.S. headquarters of pigFACTORY is 8075 W. Third Street, Suite # 540, Los Angeles, CA, 90048. The phone is 323/653-1200, and the website is