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Copper Hedden of Danley Sound Labs poses in front of one of the enclosures housing a Danley Genesis horn recently installed at Lambeau Field, home of the NFL’s Green Bay Packers.

GAINESVILLE, GEORGIA – AUGUST 2011: Launched in 2005, Danley Sound Labs is the home of legendary acoustician and loudspeaker designer Tom Danley, whose innovative work has been used by NASA and the military, not to mention millions of sound enthusiasts the world over. Unlike conventional loudspeakers, Danley’s designs offer unparalleled arrayability, pattern control, phase coherence, and fidelity. With the advent of Danley’s large-format Jericho and Genesis horn technology, large sports facilities, both college and pro, are beginning to appreciate the distinct advantages of Danley’s unconventional technology. The Jericho and Genesis horns produce the massive SPLs and unique coverage required by sports facilities, but they do so without compromising phase coherence or fidelity.

Lambeau Field, home to the reigning NFL champion Green Bay Packers, recently benefitted from a $2.5 million sound system overhaul that centers on Danley Sound Labs technology. Sixteen Danley Genesis Horns, model GH-60, combine with nineteen Danley

SH-100s, fifty-six Danley SH-micros and fourteen Danley TH-118 subwoofers, to deliver clear, impactful sound to 73,000 impassioned Packers fans and, indeed, the players themselves. After the first preseason game on August 19th, one of the star Green Bay Packers gave the Danley sound system an unprompted compliment during a post-game interview. The player raved about how great it was to be back playing at Lambeau Field and then mentioned the improvement of the sound system! The fact that this player noticed the sound improvement despite the countless distractions and demands of an NFL player demonstrates that the improvement is substantial!

Six universities have joined trailblazing Brigham Young University and Northwestern University with Danley-centered solutions for their stadiums. Most recent additions to the “World’s Loudest Reference Monitor Systems” are University of Arizona which covers 56,000 seats with just four powerful Danley Jericho JH-90 Horns, supported by two Danley SH-96s, two Danley SH-50s, eighteen Danley SH-minis, and two Danley TH-812 subwoofers. Florida Atlantic University’s system will cover 30,000 seats in its new football stadium with just two Danley Jericho Horns. Grand Valley State University (Grand Rapids, MI) covers 20,000 fans with two Jericho Horns. Montana State University will deliver an electrifying game-day experience to 17,000 football fans at Bobcat Stadium with just one Danley Jericho Horn, model JH-90, paired with two Danley SH-46s. The 11,500 fans at Washington State University’s basketball venue, Beasley Coliseum, are soon to experience better-than-rock-concert sound with a system comprised of twelve Danley Genesis Horns, model GH-60, supplemented with eight Danley SM-60Fs, twenty-two Danley SH-100s, and four Danley TH-118 subwoofers. And perhaps most amazing, Troy State University, with a capacity of 30,000, recently replaced their entire end zone loudspeaker system with a single Jericho Horn!

It’s true that some designers and installers would rather navigate the same predictable headaches that they have come to expect from established brands, rather than risk something unfamiliar. Don’t be so afraid, urged Michael R. Garrison, principal at MGA, the firm that designed and just completed the installation of a Danley JH-90-based system at Montana State University. “We worked closely with Danley Sound Labs to design the loudspeaker system for this project. Their JH-90 was a relatively new product when we first contacted them, and the measured loudspeaker performance data and directional files for computer modeling were still being complied. Danley president Mike Hedden and his team were very supportive. They supplied us with final definitive data and assisted MGA’s efforts to confirm placement and orientation of the loudspeakers.” Upon completion of the installation, Garrison sent the following note to Hedden, “All of us at MGA were very impressed with the coverage and sonic quality of the JH-90 at MSU in Bozeman last week, as were the other members of the project team and the university representatives. It exceeded all expectations! Congratulations on developing such an awesome product – it is definitely a home run!

ABOUT DANLEY SOUND LABS Danley Sound Labs is the exclusive home of Tom Danley, one of the most innovative loudspeaker designers in the industry today and recognized worldwide as a pioneer for “outside the box” thinking in professional audio technology.