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Redondo Beach, CA – February 2009 … Bond Music Research, the newly created company founded by industry notables Wayne Freeman and Kenneth Berger, are pleased to announce a branding/marketing deal with PRS Guitars to supply PRS branded cable thru existing PRS Distribution Channels. Paul Reed Smith’s quest for uncompromising tone and meticulous quality has long been the mantra for PRS Guitars. Not surprisingly, the new PRS Signature Series Cable follows Paul’s ongoing dedication to excellence.

Wayne Freeman, well known in the MI and professional audio markets for his innovative sales and marketing accomplishments at MXL, Mogami Cable, and others, has teamed with Kenneth Berger, perhaps best known for his success with EAW (Eastern Acoustic Works) to form the newly created Bond Music Research. The PRS Signature Series Cable represents Bond Music Research’s first entry into the music and audio markets.

PRS Signature Series Cable employs an ultra low capacitance design that is ideal for use in critical audio applications. Because silver is a better conductor of electricity than copper, the PRS Signature Series Cable contains ultra-pure, silver plated oxygen-free copper elements (with the exception of speaker cables). This design helps counteract conductor saturation, improves signal transmission, and delivers vast, unimpeded high frequency performance with a rich, full-sounding low end versus copper-only cable designs.

Incorporating Swiss-made Neutrik® connectors, the new PRS Signature Series instrument cable also uses close-lapped OFC (oxygen free copper) spiral shielding to provide maximum rejection of RFI (radio frequency interference) and other noises. Similarly, this high quality construction provides outstanding durability on the road. Polyethylene Foam (or XLPE for mic cables) insulation ensures a low dielectric constant—providing extremely low handling noise while retaining the flexibility required for on-stage use.

Paul Reed Smith, owner and founder of PRS Guitars, commented on the newly introduced cable line that bears his company’s name. “Every inch of a PRS guitar is based on decades of testing, rethinking, and reinventing,� said Paul Reed Smith. “We continue to push the curve beyond what others would consider perfection and, in regard to our new PRS Signature Series Cable, the same holds true. The quality of cable that any guitarist connects his or her instrument to has a direct impact on the tone that will ultimately be heard by the audience. Our new PRS Signature Series Cable is manufactured to the most exacting standards and I genuinely believe this cable’s ability to accurately convey the true musical intentions of the artist cannot be underestimated. I am delighted to be working with Bond Music Research to provide such an important addition to our company’s offerings.�

Wayne Freeman, President of Bond Music Research, offered his perspective on the new branding arrangement with PRS Guitars. “The introduction of the PRS Signature Series Cable is a very important first step for our company,� notes Freeman. “PRS Signature Series Cable is manufactured from the finest materials by noted UK-based cable stalwart Van Damme and is distributed by Bond Music Research. This cable ranks among the finest in the world, at any price. It fills the floors at Abbey Road and Air Studios and is currently on tour with Coldplay and The Foo Fighters. Equally significant, our new branding arrangement with PRS Guitars is just one example of the numerous forthcoming initiatives the music and sound industry can expect to see from Bond Music Research in the near future.�

PRS Signature Series Cable is available through authorized PRS Guitar retailers and is available now. Every cable includes a full lifetime warranty.

About Bond Music Research
With offices in Seattle, WA and Southern CA, Bond Music Research offers products that address a variety of issues routinely encountered by music and sound professionals. With a commitment to delivering the best equipment at prices that make sense, the company offers a comprehensive line of cable products for both stage and studio applications. For additional information, visit the company online at


Photo info: Wayne Freeman and Paul Reed Smith (left-right)