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Rhodes Music Unveils the MK8 Earth Edition Piano: Crafted with Nature in Mind

Leeds, United Kingdom, April 22nd, 2024 — In celebration of Earth Day, Rhodes Music is proud to announce its latest limited edition piano, the MK8 Earth Edition. Following the swift sell-out of the MK8/75AE within 15 minutes, Rhodes anticipates an even greater rush for the Earth Edition, boasting even fewer units than its predecessor. Designed to reflect the lush forests that inspire its creation, the MK8 Earth Edition exemplifies exceptional craftsmanship and a deep commitment to sustainability. Alongside this launch, Rhodes is initiating a tree-planting campaign and continues to implement eco-friendly manufacturing practices to reduce environmental impact. Supported by the nonprofit One Tree Planted, this initiative extends beyond musical innovation and represents Rhodes Music’s ongoing dedication to the future of our planet.



Introducing the MK8 Earth Edition Piano
Fashioned from American Walnut, the piano’s sandblasted wooden base and hand turned legs accentuate its natural grain, showcasing the unique, inherent beauty of each instrument. Metal parts are adorned with a custom stable rust effect coating, ensuring a distinct pattern on each component for a truly one-of-a-kind look. Custom inlays and side panels, enhanced with black dial inserts, add a touch of sophistication to the aesthetic. Exclusive to the Earth Edition, the piano’s unique forest green lid and pedal cover infuse a natural style into its design.

Additionally, the integrated FX section comes standard with the Earth Edition, enhancing its sonic capabilities. This includes a VCA compressor for dynamic control, a 4-stage phaser for added depth, and a bucket brigade chorus and delay for rich, expansive audio textures. Each feature is designed to extend the instrument’s versatility, perfect for both live performance and studio use.


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In support of sustainable practices, the piano incorporates eco-conscious elements throughout its construction. The piano lid, crafted from sustainable, recycled ABS material, ensures durability while minimizing environmental impact by being re-grounded and reused. Additionally, all wood used in the piano’s construction is FSC certified, promoting forest preservation and sustainable forestry practices.

Unite in Harmony with Nature
As part of this launch, Rhodes Music commits to planting 500 trees for each of the 50 MK8 Earth Edition Pianos sold, totaling 25,000 trees to support global reforestation efforts. This limited edition not only showcases exceptional craftsmanship but also offers musicians and environmental enthusiasts an opportunity to contribute to environmental preservation.

“Our mission goes beyond creating exceptional musical instruments; it extends to creating positive change in the world,” says Rhodes CEO Matt Pelling. “With the MK8 Earth Edition, we invite musicians and environmental enthusiasts alike to join us in harmonizing music with conservation.”


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Pricing and Availability
​The MK8 Earth Edition Piano is priced at $13,495.00 in the US, £10,995.00 in the UK, and €12,995.00 in the Eurozone. It will be exclusively available for purchase on the Rhodes website starting Thursday, April 25th, at 9 PM BST (4 PM EST). The purchasing page will be password-protected until precisely 9 PM BST. At that time, customers should refresh the page, add the Earth Edition to their cart, and complete the checkout process to ensure they secure one of the limited 50 units. Customers have the option to pay in full or secure their unit with a 50 percent deposit. Shipping for the MK8 Earth Edition Piano will commence in January 2025.

One Tree Planted: Guardians of Global Reforestation
One Tree Planted is at the forefront of global reforestation efforts, addressing critical needs by planting trees where they are most needed. Trees play a crucial role in maintaining our environment — enhancing air quality, climate regulation, water conservation, soil preservation, and supporting diverse wildlife. Engaging in projects across the globe, One Tree Planted strives to repair the damage caused by natural disasters and deforestation, facilitating a way for individuals and businesses alike to contribute towards a healthier, greener world. Learn more about their mission and how to get involved at One Tree Planted.


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About Rhodes
For Rhodes loyalists around the world, this is a new chapter in Rhodes history; not a new book. With the Rhodes MK8, we’re returning to the principles, aesthetic, craftsmanship and pride of Harold Rhodes’ originals. We’re paying homage to the past with our gaze fixed firmly on what lies ahead.