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the school hall debacle under the Gillard government

“Local members of Parliament have to keep fighting for their electorate,” he told reporters in Adelaide on Monday.

“When they have experience, and they have energy and they are seen to be effective, they get things for their electorate back louis vuitton in Canberra.

“That is this is all about, proving that if you elect a member of parliament who knows how to run the situation in Canberra you can actually achieve things for your local people.”

Mr Pyne holds South Australia’s most marginal seat with a margin of less than one per cent. With polls louis vuitton handbags favouring the Gillard government, Labor has its best louis vuitton chance in 40 years to take the seat from the Liberals.

Mr Pyne was with opposition deputy leader Julie Bishop louis vuitton outlet at the Campbelltown Leisure Centre on Monday to pledge funds for its redevelopment.

“For $7.5 million from a coalition government we will be able to build a fantastic facility …. you won’t lv have the waste and mismanagement that lv bags we have seen in the school hall debacle under the Gillard government,” he said.

“If they had $7.5 million to spend you might get a canteen for that.Ms Bishop believes Mr Pyne will be re-elected.

“We are the underdogs in this campaign, across the country, but I have faith in Christopher Pyne,” she said.

Mr Pyne says he has been louis vuitton outlet the member for Sturt for seven elections and seen off six candidates louis vuitton handbags so far.

“It will be a tough fight, it always is, I never take it for granted.”

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