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The Small Hours Cut Two New Songs at Ocean Way

British-American Rockers Add Fuel to Recent Popularity Surge

The Small Hours are pictured (L-R) in Ocean Way's famed Studio B: John Bennett, guitar; Robin Goodchild, lead vocals, guitar; Wesley Seidman, engineer (rear); Edward Shiers, drums, and John Armstrong, bass. Photo by David Goggin.

British-American rock sensation The Small Hours have recorded and mixed two new tunes at Ocean Way Recording in Hollywood. Their upcoming EP, entitled “When We Are Careless” follows hard on the heels of the band’s 4-song EP blitz, last year’s “Ether and Make Believe.”

Often compared to early Muse, Radiohead, Elbow and Queens of the Stone Age, The Small Hours are a four-piece, British-American rock band comprised of Robin Goodchild (vocals, guitar) Edward Shiers (drums), John Bennett (guitar) and John Armstrong (bass).

“Our new EP pushes our envelope with edgier music to start off the New Year,” said the band’s co-founder Robin Goodchild. “Our fan base grew exponentially last year and we wanted to jump right into 2013 and give them something to scream and shout about.”

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About The Small Hours
Formerly known as Sterling, The Small Hours was originally formed in England in 1998. The international rock band, as it is known today, was born in 2010 when American musicians John Bennett (guitar) and John Armstrong (bass) officially joined British founding members Edward Shiers (drums) and Robin Goodchild (lead vocals/guitar). Today the four-piece indie band have performed in hundreds of venues throughout the UK, New Zealand and United States, have sold original recorded material to numerous movie studios, network television programs and new media including Warner Bros., Universal Pictures, Toyota, Warren Miller Films, The Discovery Network, The Weather Channel, The Travel Channel and Macsoft/Destineer video games. They have been the Featured Artists in several Clear Channel and A&R Network publications, calling the band, “an exceptional talent.”

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