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Sonarworks Announces Stay At Home Spring Sale on Selected Reference 4 Products

Riga, Latvia – April 22, 2020 – Now, at a time when it’s more important that ever to embrace creativity and support music producers, Sonarworks has launched of a four-day Stay At Home Spring Sale on selected Reference 4 products, including Reference 4 Headphone Edition, Studio Edition and Studio Edition with Mic — the last of which includes a microphone for speaker calibration to provide consistent reference sound both in the studio and on the go. The sale begins on Friday, April 24th and runs through Monday, April 27th, with a discount of 20-percent off. In addition to Reference 4 core products, this sale also includes a 20-percent discount on Upgrades — from Headphone to Studio Edition, from Headphone to Studio Edition with Mic and from Reference 3 to Reference 4 — as well as the Reference 4 Headphone Edition and Monoprice Hi-Fi DJ Bundle.

Reference 4 is the latest iteration of Sonarworks’ patented audio calibration software technology, which has been embraced by music creators at all levels, from Grammy-winning mix engineers like Rik Simpson, Ariel Burojow, and MarioSo DeJesus, to artists and audio engineering students at higher-ed institutions, such as the University of Miami’s Frost School of Music, Berklee College of Music, and SAE Institute. The software included in the Reference 4 Headphone and Studio editions give creators calibrated sound in any location, as well as improved mix translation. Now, using Sonarworks headphone calibration technology, studio engineers and music creators can trust what they are hearing both on studio monitors and in their headphones.

“Sonarworks’ mission is to deliver reliable reference sound wherever and however music creators work,” explained Sonarworks Co-Founder Martins Popelis. “One of the great strengths of Reference 4 is that it allows engineers to work in any circumstance and trust what they hear, whether they are using monitors or headphones. This month, we’re offering a 20-percent discount on select Reference 4 products, upgrades and bundles, giving more musicians the opportunity to start using Sonarworks Reference 4 technology and hear the difference for themselves, in whatever environment works best for them.

Selected Reference 4 Products: Retail Sale Prices (20% Off)

  • Reference 4 Headphone Edition – $79
  • Reference 4 Studio Edition – $199
  • Reference 4 Studio Edition with Mic – $239
  • Upgrade from Headphone to Studio Edition – $135
  • Upgrade from Headphone to Studio Edition with Mic – $190
  • Upgrade from Reference 3 to Reference 4 – $39
  • Reference 4 Headphone Edition and Monoprice Hi-Fi DJ Headphone Bundle – $95

For more information on the sale, please visit:

About Sonarworks

Sonarworks was founded in 2012 when two music lovers met a scientist and embarked on a mission to deliver the ultimate sound experience for anyone creating or listening to music. Sonarworks is the leading sound calibration company in the sound recording industry. The company’s technology is in use by more than 40,000 recording studios worldwide, including more than 35 Grammy winners who enjoy and endorse Sonarworks. Now we are on a mission to take this even further – deliver the ultimate sound experience to all music listeners, regardless of the device used, be it headphones, speakers, or car stereo, – individually personalized.