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SonicPool Opens “Superior” Room for HD Finishing Including 2K and 4K Capabilities

Hollywood, CA, Aug. 5, 2008 – SonicPool, one of Hollywood’s leading post facilities, specializing in audio and video finishing, edit suite rentals, and full post-production services, has opened its new “Lake Superior� Room. In keeping with bays that have “Aquatic/Nautical� themed names, “Superior� offers its clients Avid DS-HD services for 2K, 4K and HD Finishing. The announcement was made by John Frost and Patrick Bird, co-founders, SonicPool, who said, “Many of our clients are finishing their projects in Avid Symphony HD and Final Cut Pro HD already, so we felt now was the time to invest in “Superior� so we could to continue to fulfill that growing demand.�

“Superior� has a 16 foot Sony SXRD HD Projection system, a DS Nitris Dual Boot system and 5.1 Surround Sound, with true 4:4:4 technology and 5 terabytes of storage. HD Online Editor Jason Yanuzzi is the lead online editor and colorist for “Superior.�

Initial SonicPool projects which have been HD Finished in “Superior� include:

** “Wonderful World:� This long anticipated film explores interracial romance and stars Matthew Broderick as a bitter, divorced man who marries an African woman. Written and directed by Joshua Goldin.

** “Frontiersâ€? Trailer: For client After Dark Productions, SonicPool did HD finishing for this trailer promoting a horror film about a young woman who looks to escape her abusive life by moving to her family’s farm near Atlanta. Unfortunately, she learns her place of supposed comfort offers more terrifying forms of abuse.

** “Chain Letter:� For writer/producer/director Deon Taylor and his Deon Taylor Enterprises, SonicPool did the audio mix and the HD finish for “Chain Letter.� The film explores the fact that death, evil and fear have long surrounded the secret history of chain letters, a few of which have stayed alive across time and generations with terrible warnings that force recipients to ask: If I break the chain, will something bad really happen?

** “The Hustle:â€? Again for Deon Taylor Enterprises, SonicPool worked on this film about a couple of two-bit hustlers who decide they’re ready for their next challenge. They stumble upon an idea for the greatest con ever: starting a church so they can rake in all the parishioners’ fine money.


“Superiorâ€? is under the watchful eye of Jason Yanuzzi, who has previously onlined other feature length films, including “On The Doll” and “Isolated.â€? From 2003-2004, Yanuzzi was a Video Editor originally hailing from CNBC TV. There, he edited a variety of TV programs and was also responsible for color correction, video QC and the editing of various segments, reporter packages, and teases from raw footage. Regarding “Superior,â€? Yanuzzi says, “The room is just fantastic, and it’s incredibly helpful to have such a big projection system that is so capable of pointing out minute errors which would be easy to miss on a much smaller monitor.â€?


Launched in Hollywood in 2001, SonicPool was co-founded by post production specialists John Frost and Patrick Bird. Each of the men currently serves the company as a President and CEO.

SonicPool is comprised of 14 SD & HD Offline and Online Edit Suites, two Theatrical Mix Stages and two additional Mix Suites, as well as a complete Machine Room Services with all the standard SD & HD decks, including HD-Cam SR with 4:4:4 capabilities. The company’s post production services include Audio and Video Finishing, edit suite rentals, and media duplication. SonicPool’s creative services include radio production. Additionally, the company offers its clients production office space rentals to accompany Offline Edit Suites.

SonicPool’s clients run the full gamut of the entertainment and broadcasting industries, which clients ranging from major studio releases, independent feature films, TV programs, and radio, to DVD menu sound design, TV commercials, gaming, mobile and Internet projects.

SonicPool is located at 6860 Lexington Ave, Hollywood, CA, 90038.
The phone is 323/460-4MIX, and the web address is: