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SEATTLE, WASHINGTON – JUNE 2012: Symetrix announces that Dane Butcher has taken on the role of Chairman after holding the position of CEO since he founded the company in 1976. Paul Roberts, veteran VP of Sales & Marketing with Symetrix, steps in as the company’s new CEO. There will be a high degree of continuity in this hand-off as Dane Butcher and Paul Roberts have worked together for many years and are in close alignment with the Symetrix customer-focused approach to running Symetrix and share a common vision for the future of the company.

“I am very much looking forward to my role as Chairman,” said Butcher. “After many years of wide-band executive responsibilities, I’m moving to a purely strategic role. I will now focus 100% of my time on my passion for providing our current and future customers with innovative and value-oriented

software and hardware solutions. In Paul Roberts, I am grateful to have such an intelligent, capable, and enthusiastic individual ready and willing to take on the responsibilities and the opportunities of CEO. Symetrix has never been stronger than it is right now, and Paul is ideally situated to continue our forward momentum.”

Drawing on his experience as a musician and a recording engineer, Dane Butcher founded Symetrix with cost-effective products for the professional recording industry with studio-grade sound quality. Dane Butcher has never stopped driving the company to deliver exciting products like Jupiter, the App based turn-key DSP, the ARC-WEB, offering control of an audio system in the palm of your hand, and most recently EDGE, Open architecture DSP featuring Dante and modular I/O.
Said Butcher, “The heart of our engineering efforts are in installed sound DSP and at InfoComm we launch a sensational array of DSP products and accessories. And, while 2012 is proving to be a very exciting year for Symetrix, our stakeholders, and our customers, our long-term vision is simply to continue to maintain a razor sharp focus on satisfying the needs of audio and video integrators throughout the world while providing the training and support to make their lives easier and make their businesses more profitable.”

“Taking over as CEO of Symetrix at this exciting time in the company’s history is a great opportunity, for which I am very appreciative,” said Roberts. “My passion to lead Symetrix is matched by my enthusiasm for the products we offer, the team we have in place, our loyal world-wide customer base, and the game-changing technology we have in development.”
ABOUT SYMETRIX Sound professionals rely upon the performance, value and reliability of audio mixing, routing and processing products from Symetrix. For more information on Symetrix professional audio products, please visit or call +1 (425) 778-7728.